I’ll let you see my splits if you want…

I have been terrible about posting! Things have been a bit up and down and up and down again. But training has gone on, and I promise to post later on.

Fast Cat 5k

To tide you over, I won my first race (first place overall women)!A small race to be sure, but for me it may as well be the Olympics. I am very self-satisfied with my 10k effort. One of my Boston Bound training pals ran as well (2nd overall for Men), he jogged back after his race and helped me kick it out at the finish and that definitely gifted me many seconds. Thanks Andy!

Avg Pace
Summary 40:57.8 6.26 6:32
1 6:27.1 1.00 6:27
2 6:35.3 1.00 6:35
3 6:41.3 1.00 6:41
4 6:36.5 1.00 6:37
5 6:35.7 1.00 6:36
6 6:35.7 1.00 6:36
7 1:26.3 0.26 5:28

Shiny new PR.


9 responses to “I’ll let you see my splits if you want…

  1. Whoa! What a great time. Way to go.

  2. congratulations!! that is some speedy running 🙂

  3. Wow, you are fast!!! Great job. 🙂


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