Don’t Panic, but it’s nearly GO TIME.

14 days! Holy smokes. I am officially in taper mode and trying not to do anything stupid. I was lucky today in that it is 55 degrees and sunny outside and I got to go for a 3 mile run at 11:30am! I haven’t seen a 3 mile run in a few months now and it felt so great. And short! And easy! When I was in college I HATED the two weeks of taper at the end of the swim season. My perspective for this taper for Boston, is that it is an amazing philosophy!

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about something. I remember when I was a kid and we first got our dog,  and for about 2 weeks the school days seemed ENDLESS, I was just so excited to get home and play with her. That’s how excited I am now. It’s pretty serious.

Every time I see a CITGO sign, I get butterflies in my stomach. Is that excitement? Or is it total dorkatude?

1 mile to go!!!

The last several weeks have been a roller coaster. I have been really busy, and there were 2 (yes, TWO…grrr) autoimmuney-colitis-stressbombed-flare ups. The latter one is still showing some residual effects and cost me last week’s Yasso workout. Which I am still bitter about because we were slated to do 10 800’s finally, and I have been so looking forward to that milestone (9 is the most I have ever done).

Oh well. Moving on.

There were a few highlights! I updated my “about me” page…I probably will update it again soon, because it’s a pre-requisite for having a blog that you like to talk about yourself.

Actually, that was just my clever segue to drop the fact that I update my race PR’s tab…because I PR’ed. Twice in the last month. In the Half Marathon I took nearly 4 minutes off, and for the 10k nearly 3 and a half!

This summer I want to try to shave off a bit more. Stay tuned…

At the aforementioned 10k, I also had my first ever win! I shared my splits this weekend, you can see them here, if you are so inclined. I was also given a free pair of Skecher GOrun shoes, and a $50 gift card to Dick Pond. I am totally thrilled.

I can see why people like winning. It's because they give you stuff!

I have actually wanted to try the Skechers for a while. I am pretty firmly into 4mm shoes now. In fact, whenever I run in shoes with a larger heel to toe drop ratio, I can feel it in my achilles and hips the next day. In a not-nice way, that is. Pete Larson gave them a good review, after following his blog for nearly 2 years now, and since he hails from New England, I trust his reviews very much. He’s also a cracker-jack researcher, which is totally great. You can read his review of the GOrun’s here.

I asked for green ones. I hope they are this bright!

I also got mail from the BAA. My materials for the 5k and the Marathon. Yes, I am running the 5k on Sunday before the Marathon (on Monday). I won’t race it, I promise. Just a shake-out run, and a chance to soak up some extra atmosphere.


Here's hoping I really sink that qualifying time!

When I sat down to write this post, the point was to bring you all up to speed with training re-caps. Clearly I have gotten off track.

Let’s just cut our losses, shall we?

If you want to follow my race effort on Marathon Monday, you can sign up for text alerts (it’s not stalking, I have a blog afterall). Go here, or peruse the Boston website for details and to sign up.

My bib number is 15911

Ahhhhhh! I can’t wait to get out there!




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