For a laugh….

I love running. Obviously.

People seem to struggle on Thursdays…we’re all tired, looking forward to the weekend, but still have a lot to do.

So I thought I would provide you all with a good laugh. Bad pictures are great. Bad racing pictures are fantabulous!

I ran the Shamrock Shuffle 8k a couple of weeks ago.  By the looks of these pictures, I ran really hard, struggled up the final stretch (where these photos were shot – I think), but pushed through the pain, and I probably even PR’ed.

The man behind me also loves running. He's downright joyful.

The reality is, that, yes, I PR’ed, but only for a lack of running 8k’s. Also true is that I ran the race as a recovery run and felt relaxed, enjoyed people-watching, and in my memory I wore a grin for much of the run. I also seem to remember being far more svelte and graceful than these photos indicate.

But then again, I have a very creative memory.


4 responses to “For a laugh….

  1. You look really relaxed and a normal colour. I go bright red – not a good look!

  2. not a bad picture at all! I have had some howlers in my day 🙂

  3. You are both too kind! Perhaps I should post more of these charmers…as I have several. This post has gotten more hits than any other in my blogging history. Go figure!

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