One week to go. Time to look at stats and graphs.

This is the last week of my training plan. Which seems unbelievable, since I planned out 27 weeks back in October. When I first printed out the document it seemed massive! Now there is only one week, 4 runs, until my Boston Marathon attempt.

This is the most consistently I have ever trained! I think I can even count college swim seasons in that statement, as this training cycle has lasted over 6 months, which is longer than the swim season was.

Total mileage in dedicated preparation for Boston: 922

Total miles in the last 16 weeks: 595

Total miles in the 16 week training cycle for Portland in 2010: 449

(these figures do not include the actual marathon)

A lot of deliberate changes in the way I think about training, and how I actually execute runs have occurred. There have been several really interesting unintended changes as well (of which I have dedicated post drafting).

I took the graph of my entire training cycle for the Portland Marathon (my BQ) in 2010 and added  the last 16 weeks of this training effort to it. It’s an interesting comparison, but I am actually surprised by the lack of significant (visual) difference between the two.

More miles but a near identical shape. Call me mystified.

The fact that my weekly mileage is higher isn’t due to daily runs being longer, but rather a result of running 5 times on most weeks, as opposed to 3 or 4 during my Portland preparation.

After all, frequency first is my philosophy to all positive behavior change!

You can see that my approach  to tapering is different this go -round. And we’ll see how I feel on race day.

Here’s my entire 27 week training plan (the final week – this week – is if I complete all the projected miles).

Note the steady trend in the base period, compared to the variable (but still increasing) shape of the other 3 periods.

I am having a hard time really knowing what to do with all of the data I’ve collected, and even with this training volume comparison. Though I am a HUGE advocate for the single-subject design, at times you can only learn so much from comparing yourself to, well, yourself.

The other thing to take into consideration is that my running, both form and speed have improved greatly over the past year, and so it is possible that very little of what I am observing from these two training efforts will apply to my next attempt.

For example, I was so injured, exhausted, and disheartened (even with the BQ in hand) after Portland, that I barely ran for about 6 months. this time, I anticipate (knock wood!) a MUCH faster recovery and am planning to avoid, if possible, a loss in fitness.

As I have said before, I haven’t registered for any races post-Boston. I will wait and see how I feel. But I would like to aim for the Long Beach Marathon in October, with a few 10k’s and Half-Marathon’s, with mini-tapers, in between. That means getting right back to dedicated training.

Now if only I could stop eating so much!

Do you graph your training logs?

Do you want to data share?




2 responses to “One week to go. Time to look at stats and graphs.

  1. You need that food!

    Congratulations on all your hard work and dedication. Very inspiring.

    Wishing you all success at Boston x

  2. Thanks! I love reading your adventures as well!
    I sure hope this work week goes by fast…


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