Good Omen, or Gambler’s Fallacy Trick?

Last night was our very last Boston Bound training run at Fleet Feet. A rep from Adidas was there and he raffled off some Boston jackets. And I got one! Huzzah!

I was really quite stressed about buying things at the expo….it’s all so expensive! Well, the big ticket, must have item, is taken care of now.

Thanks Adidas and Fleet Feet!!!

4 days!


4 responses to “Good Omen, or Gambler’s Fallacy Trick?

  1. good luck! I will be doing the Brighton marathon on the same day – although I suspect rather a lot slower than you 🙂

    • Enjoy your run! I will look forward to hearing how it goes!!! (you know, I actually feel like I have friends “across the pond” just because I follow like 4 UK-er blogs. 😉


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