Unfortunate news

The BAA sent a weather alert (heat advisory type) out to runners this morning.

We’re looking at not just temperatures in the 80 plus range, but also totally dry air, and a head-wind.


It’s possible I have to totally re-think not just my choice of clothing, but my entire race strategy and finishing goal.

8 responses to “Unfortunate news

  1. Just got the memo. Bummer. Why can’t it be cool in April and October like the good old days? I have definitely rethought my finishing goal. Good luck.

  2. good luck!! we are having almost the opposite for the Brighton marathon 🙂

  3. Awwww crap! Sending thoughts of cool breezes your way.

  4. this just made me laugh. You are gonna do great….now it is all mind over matter 🙂 so what if we have to re-adjust our goals…boston is going to be a great experience!!!!!

  5. actually looks to be a tailwind-not a headwind. one thing going for us? 🙂
    good luck on Monday!

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