Carnage. Fire-Hydrants. Marathon.

I will do a proper race re-cap soon. However, I frankly don’t feel like it just yet. The marathon was a war-zone, albeit one we all paid and waited in line to experience…

I finished a whopping 30 minutes behind my goal time. It was so difficult that it’s comical.


3 responses to “Carnage. Fire-Hydrants. Marathon.

  1. Hi Annabelle,
    The one thing you have no control over in a marathon is the weather. Take this bit of advice from someone who has done 32 marathons. Look at it as an experience, something you can talk about for years and will always remember. Years from now you will look back and say that was one brutal day; but I finished!

  2. Now that I’ve had a day of separation, I think I got a great view of what the course is like, and how absolutely seamless the BAA makes the whole vent, and how AMAZING the local support is! I really hope I get another chance to run Boston.

  3. Congrats on completing Boston! I picked up my bib, but took the deferral. Got hot just walking from my hotel to the finish line to watch the finishers. Will try again next year.


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