A few BM highlights and my two cents on footwear.

I bet half of you thought I was going to talk about poop right now.

The rest of you are aware that the tiny part of my brain that is not overly focused on toilet humor is obsessed with the Boston Marathon (B.M. get it?)

Below is a small highlight reel from this weekend. I will have a race recap posted by, hmmm….let’s say Sunday night. My neurons still aren’t firing properly, and I’ve used the day to get somewhat back to feeling organized and stable before returning to work in the morning.

The good news is that I went for a run this afternoon. 3 miles, 8:10 pace. I felt sluggish, but nothing was significantly sore or tight. My heart-rate was elevated more than it should be for the pace. I attribute that to the fact that in the past fours nights I never slept more than 4 or 5 hours. I think if I get a solid sleep tonight, and hit the spin bike in the morning, then I’ll be able to get a quasi-tempo run in on Friday.

Why am I approaching my recovery so aggressively? It is true that as I get a little distance between myself and the bizarre satire on modern warfare that was the Boston Marathon on Monday, I am feeling better about the experience, and my finishing time.

But the fact that I am no longer a BQ-er is not a very nice feeling, not after the disappointment of having to bail last year, and training for 27 weeks (and driving everyone around me nuts because of it!).

Everyone have been so supportive that I feel like a schmuck to lose the coveted BQ.

I BQ’ed at my first ever marathon. Not because of talent, but because I refused to run the distance until I knew I could hit that benchmark. I thought that if I didn’t BQ on my first attempt I would give up on the marathon distance all together. I knew myself well enough to know that I jsut wouldn’t be that driven.

Turns out, I was really wrong!

Even though I have dreamt of running Boston since childhood, and even though I qualified, trained then bailed, registered again, and finally got to run the course….I am WAY not satisfied.

I want another go at the course, I want to run WELL on the course.

There is a marathon on May 20th…I am going to try to get to that start line, and BQ at the finish line….

OK, enough with the arrogant pity-party.

Oh, non-Boston related news: This afternoon I got a package!

I loooove color! Perhaps now I will run just like Meb (that's what they want you to think, right?)

These are from my first-ever-only-ever race win last month. You can read out it here.

I think I am going to like these shoes. They aren’t made for walking around in, they feel really awkward, but I can see how they will totally promote an efficient stride. I would caution people eyeing all the hype around mid-foot and barefoot schtuff….don’t buy shoe’s with the expectation that they will magically improve your stride (yes, I am talking to you newbie-overweight-heel striking-vibram five finger wearing-runners). Improve your form FIRST, then change your footwear, progressively. Otherwise YOU WILL GET HURT. Love your feet, take care of them, or they will not let you run!

I have been working on slowly training myself into a more efficient stride and strike for almost 2 years now. It’s been a slow progression, I still has a way to go (possibly) and I still have to really focus when I get fatigued. But in terms of running shoes I have reached a point of no return…shoe’s with anything higher than a 6mm heel-toe drop really bother my lower legs now.

OK. Ok, I think I opened this up with talk of pictures here are a few….I didn’t do a great job getting lots…but I hit the essentials (race photos to come later).

The finish line on Saturday (under construction).

The last turn. Left on Boylston. Chills.

The 5k shake-out. Turns out I should have made this my "A" race.

The mile races were excellent.

Attempt at race day breakfast...mostly a failure.

The wave 2 ladies from the Boston Bound training group...ready to head to the corrals.

And now, rather abruptly…I shall go eat dinner and leave you hanging.




2 responses to “A few BM highlights and my two cents on footwear.

  1. Congrats on finishing! I am also thinking “well, guess I should do that again next year so I can ENJOY it!” I felt like we were roasted on a spit! But that finish means more to me than any other finish, probably because it was so hard. Now I need to sign up for Chicago!

  2. I can’t wait to hear more about the marathon. You shouldn’t feel bad at all about your time. Michelle, our neighbor who ran 135 miles through Death Valley and has won a 100 mile race, was very impressed with your time considering the heat. She said most people’s times were about 30 minutes off.


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