Here’s another photo from Monday: you’re welcome.

The following is my post from AT: Your Life today.

Everyone wants to see immediate progress, they want to go from dream to success in one tidy step.

Unfortunately the path to success meanders, and it can be very messy.

Many extremely successful professionals took many missteps, and were even fired from jobs or dropped out of school before finding their success.

Microchips and software didn’t become addictive games and apps for your smartphone in one attempt. They came, most likely, after many versions tanked in sales, or were scrapped altogether.

Weight loss is the same. If you expect to lose 2 lbs every week until you reach your goal weight, you will be very disappointed. You might lose 2 pounds some weeks, but others you’ll loose 3, or a half pound, and some weeks you’ll gain. But in the end, it feels just as great when you get to your goal.

For myself, the path to running a marathon at the standard I know I can has been anything but a straight line. I have trained for, or at least tried to train for, a half-dozen marathons. I have only completed two. I qualified for Boston, then broke my foot, I got in again, and the weather was unaccommodating. Now I find myself without a qualifying time to give it a go next year. So, I am running another BQ (boston qualifier) attempt in one month….eventually I will meet my marathoning success. But as my path to get there zigs, zags, skips, jumps, reverses, stops, and starts again, I will continue to embrace the process and learn as much as I can.

In your journal today, jot down some of the things you want to achieve, and what success looks like.

Then embrace the crooked line that will get you there.


2 responses to “Trajectory

  1. Your picture commentaries are hilarious. I’m sure Marathon Photo shot the worst pictures they’ve ever seen! At least you have no IV in your arm!

    • It’s true! I approached the entire thing VERY conservatively…rather proud of myself for not ending up in wheel chair. Did you SEE those lines at the finish?!?!


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