Boston Marathon Re-Cap #1: numbers and notables.

I will start off with the numbers (and some standout moments) for those of you who are uninterested in the narrative experience. It doesn’t seem right to post comparison statistics considering the context of the race. And since 99.5% of those running were certainly not racing (that other .5% is reserved for the top elites and those whose goal was to end up in a med tent. And yes, I totally made those numbers up). But, on the other hand, this is what we do.

Best pre-race mantra goes to my friend Erin who kept repeating “beer tent, not med tent”.

We did get that beer, eventually and excessively. (photo credit: Alejandra Villegas-Faucher)

Anyway, numbers.

My Boston finishing stats: 

Entry seed (Bib number) 15911

Division (gender/age): 863 / 4752 =  top 18%

Overall Females: 1126 / 9307  = top 12%

Overall Field: 5396 / 22480 = top 24%

There are a lot of different figures floating around regarding how many people got medical care, or deferred. According to the BAA website 874 runners crossed the starting line but not the finish line. That’s 4% of the overall field. If that figure doesn’t mean anything to you, let me translate:


So, I finished, and I finished healthy. I did not finish in 3hr15min. But I will, eventually. The only real downside is that I no longer have a BQ!!!

I am not really sure how my Garmin says I ran further than 26.2 and in less than my official net time (actually, I probably had auto-pause on…and I did stop like 15 times)…but whatever, you can still pretty clearly see how things went.

Avg Pace
Summary 3:43:07.7 26.45 8:26
1 8:29.5 1.00 8:30
2 7:52.8 1.00 7:53
3 7:37.5 1.00 7:38
4 7:11.8 1.00 7:12
5 7:30.4 1.00 7:30
6 7:25.8 1.00 7:26
7 7:30.1 1.00 7:30
8 7:57.2 1.00 7:57
9 7:55.3 1.00 7:55
10 8:01.3 1.00 8:01
11 8:18.6 1.00 8:19
12 8:12.3 1.00 8:12
13 8:10.5 1.00 8:11
14 8:15.7 1.00 8:16
15 8:38.6 1.00 8:39
16 8:32.5 1.00 8:33
17 9:15.9 1.00 9:16
18 10:06.4 1.00 10:07
19 9:01.0 1.00 9:01
20 9:10.0 1.00 9:10
21 9:22.2 1.00 9:22
22 8:24.6 1.00 8:25
23 9:23.1 1.00 9:23
24 9:16.2 1.00 9:16
25 8:51.4 1.00 8:52
26 9:03.1 1.00 9:03
27 3:34.0 0.46 7:47

I think that mile 18, which claims the slowest split, was the mile where I realized that I wasn’t sweating anymore, and also saw 4 runners drop to the ground right near me with no warning. It freaked me out to the point where I considered stopping. From there until the end I went through every hose and water tunnel I could find…which might explain the extra mileage. Criss. Cross.

I think if I can replicate my pacing for the first 4 miles, but then lock it down, when I go to Midland, Michigan next month, I will have a good race. Oh yah, that reminds me; I registered for a marathon on May 20, in Michigan. My plan is to get my BQ back, and hopefully run a sub 3:20. The event is actually called “The Qualifier” so I am feeling pretty good about the decision.

The weather notwithstanding the thing that concerned me most going into this event was the long wait between getting up in the morning (4:30am) and starting to run (10:20am). That time actually flew by. Even once we were in Hopkinton the time went by quickly.

Waiting to walk to the corrals.

I did a lot of things during the marathon that I never have done during a race before, here’s a sampling of those deeds in no particular order:

  • Ate 4 freeze-pops and 1 popsicle
  • Took ice by the fistfuls from total strangers
  • Drank water from unsanctioned aid stops
  • Drank beer from a spectator (in a dixie cup).
  • Walked at 12 water stops
  • Decided that “just to finish” was a totally reasonable and respectable goal.
  • Had to force myself to NOT take water because I could feel it swashing around in my stomach x 3
  • Witnessed 4 people poop their pants (no, I am NOT exaggerating)
  • Chewed on ice chips for what seemed like 10 straight miles.
  • Would have gotten in a fist fight over ice-chips had it been provoked.
  • Stopped for hugs and photos at the top of Heartbreak Hill when I saw my friends.
  • Spent a ridiculous amount of money on mementos. (jacket, hoodie, shoes, charm, stein, shirt, shirt, shirt…oh boy)
  • Did not look at my splits after mile 8.
  • Saw Dick and Rick Hoyt.
  • Stopped to stretch and shared interesting banter with drunk spectators x 3.
  • I didn’t cry, not even once, I even cry at 10ks….so this is serious.
  • Actually, that’s a lie, I teared up twice when I saw 2 different mobility impaired athletes pushing their wheelchair with one foot, backwards, the whole way. I stopped and said hi to each of them. I am sure they thought I was an idiot.
  • Oh, and, finally I RAN THE F-ING BOSTON MARATHON! It’s not everyday you fulfill a childhood dream.

Play by play to come…


3 responses to “Boston Marathon Re-Cap #1: numbers and notables.

  1. Job well done! It was a hard “experience”, the hardest I’ve ever run so far. Looking forward to reading play by play.

  2. huge congratulations!! that is an amazing time, given the conditions

  3. Congratulations!!!!! I was once told by my favorite running buddy that you should always go into races with two goals: 1. FINISH 2. Finish under XYZ time–that way you don’t feel bad if you don’t make it in under your goal time because you know that you at least hit one of your goals!


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