A free book and awesome workouts!

Yes, it’s true, I still haven’t finish writing part 2 of my Boston re-cap. Frankly, I have been to busy obsessing over “Redemption Run 2012” to blog at all.

I have been over-dosing on blog reading the last two weeks. I have read every Boston re-cap I can find…I have become quiet the internet creeper for sure.

Speaking of being creepy, Emily of “Sweat Once a Day” ran a 3:08.01 in Eugene this weekend! Her race report is great. This woman has such a great attitude (and no idea who I am…like I said, I am getting creepy in my obsession).

Another read I wanted to share is from Traci Mitchell. Who does actually know who I am. She’s here in Chicago and is a whiz a designing workouts! She has published an e-Book that has 20 killer workouts, most of which can been done with no equipment. I already claimed my copy, and have done several of her workouts as she posted them on her blog while working on the book. The circuits don’t disappoint!

Get it !

She is offering her e-book free today on Amazon. I already got my copy, I figured I would share because it’s always good to have workouts to reference when you aren’t feeling particularly inspired. Also, I think a lot of her workouts can be used as mini-fitness tests and a way to measure your progress over time!

Also, I am beginning to really appreciate ebooks for the accessibility.

Anyway, enjoy!



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