Redemption Run 2012 = another marathon in a sauna?

Redmeption Run 2012 = another marathon in a sauna?

The fact that Sunday’s marathon starts at 7:30am will be my saving grace and I can still run below a 3:30…right?

Ach! Now back to attempting to focus on what I can control…

5 responses to “Redemption Run 2012 = another marathon in a sauna?

  1. Ugh. Which race are you running? I am running the rockford marathon that day and it’s my first. weather fail.

  2. I am running in Midland, Michigan. It’s the first time they’ve had this event, it’s called “The Qualifier”. I am traveling there will 5 other runners, 4 of us are seaking redemption (and BQ’s) after such a rough time in Boston last month!

    Have a great time at Rockford! That’s the race I was actually thinking to do initially, but I have a friend from Midland, and I figured if the dang this is called The Qualifier, then….

    Let me know how your race goes! There’s nothing like your first one, no matter what the weather is like it will be amazing!!!

  3. Um, remind me not to sign up for any marathons you run! There seems to be a warm front following you! 🙂 By the way, any thoughts on the Chicago Marathon? I’m considering a charity bib, just for fun, just because I’m feeling kinda fit and not too spent this year.

    • Seriously! I never knew that I had control over the weather, if only I could learn to harness this power!

      Sooo, interesting you should bring up Chicago, as on Friday I decided to sign up as a charity runner myself! I haven’t run it before but everyone I have talked to about it (which is alot…I’m fairly persistent) says it’s basically amazing. And a PR type of race.

      I will be running for Special Olympics Chicago. I suppose I will post about that at some point this week 😉

      I think if you’re feeling fit, go for it!!! A flat course, a fun-loving crowd…and I for one plan to PAR_TAH after (perhaps we can make a bloggy meetup out of it).

      • Okay! I am very close to putting in an application for Chicago … we must have a bloggy meetup! I met many other Boston blog-friend runners this year and had a great time.


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