WIAW: How to recover from a marathon PR

Otherwise known as totally sit on your ass and pig out, with the occasional healthy detail.

This is not anywhere close to an exhaustive showcase of all I have eaten in the two days following Sunday’s run. It’s more like the highlights.

I am embarking on a racing weight effort starting tomorrow, it will hopefully leave me a bit lighter, a bit healthier in the intestinal region, and faster on my feet by this fall.

When I got home on Sunday night I order a much-anticipated pizza for Jorge, his brother, and myself. We also had some really good beer. Unfortunately, I was totally crashing-tired and my stomach was pissed about the marathon, apparently, and I wasn’t really able to enjoy it. No photo….sorry.

24hrs post race. Amazing Grass Superfood and strawberry smoothie. A full pitchers worth.

34hrs post race: Whole Foods trip while Jorge was at a 16″ Softball game. Apple Pie (which was polished off by 60hrs post race), Salmon Sushi, Chicken pot-stickers, and 3 buck Chuck Pino Grigio…

After that super fancy dinner by myself, I went for a couple of beers with Jorge and another couple. He made my day by wearing the best shirt ever printed.

48hrs post race: I looooove this cereal. It’s on my list of things I cannot buy because I eat the entire package. That list is not in effect for 72hrs after a marathon. Other items on said list include: marshmallows, nutella, fudgsicles, lays original potato chips, chocolate chips, graham crackers….it’s a pathetically long list.

53hrs post race: My awesome co-worker treated me to lunch at my favorite near-work place….where there is free soft-serve ice cream (one of my top 5 favorite foods). I am not sure what possessed me to order a tuna melt…I don’t actually think that I have ever had one before. It was good. The chips were better.

Self-Serve-Soft-Serve. Look at that pull! I have many talents.

62hrs post race: Trader Joe’s Mandarine Orange Chicken, White Rice, and x2 on the beer. Yes, that is my portion size. Feel free to judge.

While I have been busy rapidly putting on a few pounds, the girls shed a few at the groomer.

And that is all. I have to admit I am really looking forward to working out tomorrow and eating clean.


3 responses to “WIAW: How to recover from a marathon PR

  1. haha your portion size is just right! (unless you think thats small. if so. eat more!) you need to eat what YOU want. who cares what others think! that’s what is wrong with our society! and now i want soft serve. thanks. tee hee.

  2. I totally do the same – pigging out – after a tough race or any race =) I tend to go heavy on ice scream and potato chips. And beer, naturally.

  3. I would totally eat all the chicken… and no rice. How is that beer?


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