Hairs, Plans, and Announcements. (ok, only one of each)

HI !

This is one of my favorite types of weeks. And I have exciting news that if you read this blog on the actual internet, rather than your email inbox you will already have noticed. Maybe. If you didn’t it’s ok, I sometimes miss the trees because of the forest too.

Yah, I always sucked at metaphors.


Here are some terrible-and-only-related-if-your-thought-patterns-resemble-a-pin-ball-machine-on-tilt hints:

1.) I haven’t blogged much or written race reports even though I had a few races (some more successful than others).

Seattle is great because you get a mug for your 5k instead of a t-shirt.

2.) My mother was here for two weeks and my weight chart looks like a sine wave. Which would be cool, except when it’s 90 degree’s out, and you just gained 7 pounds, you sort of want to kill someone. Don’t worry it’s trending down now….

3.) Mostly it’s dropping because my pony-tail used to look like this:

This was part of a mostly legit work day. Ayuh. Also, Jen gets the co-worker-of-the-year-award for allowing me to post this on the internet.

(side not: if you are totally macking on my shirt (the 90’s lingo is appropriate because of what you are about to see in the next photo) you can have one too while supporting a super-awesome blogger/runner AND AND AND help raise money and awareness for the Chron’s and Colitis Foundation just visit Ali On The Run)

Then my mother and I had some un-structured time (never a good thing):

no comment

And now my head looks like this:

A blogger is at their coolest when they take a self-portrait in their office, for no reason (until now…bwah-ha-ha)

3.) I really miss long training runs with the Boston Bound group. Mostly I miss the banter about farts, food, and splits (as in time…none of us is very flexible).

4.) Here’s my training plan for this week and next week. Can you find the two new rows???

5.) New row number one is because I swam a mile in lake Michigan on Sunday with Jeff, I (mostly out of stubborn arrogance, and being cheap) swam without a wetsuit. The water temp. was 67 degress, and it was awesome! So awesome that while I ran by Ohio Beach this morning I really wanted to jump in!

Directly to my left were about 6 people struggling either into or out of full wetsuits. They seemed to think I was nuts.

6.) New row number two is because my hobby corner (aka training equipment that is eating up the living room) just got more crowded.

Spinner, Step, BOSU: meet Big Poppa.

Taking the at-the-time-terrifying step to join a training group for Boston at the start of the year has not ceased to have it’s residual perks. The boyfriend of one of the women who ran The Qualifier with me is a triathlete, and has a beautifil Cervelo Tri bike he favors, so he gave me a phenomenal deal on this Trek OCLV carbon 110!

Big Poppa’s gonna get polished, pumped up, and some new grip tape, then we’ll be Marshal-ing (is that ok as a verb?) the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon this Sunday. I love being a bike marshal. Seasoned I am not (one 5k under my belt), enthusiastic I am!


7.) I bought ANOTHER pair of running shoes. Actually, they are less a new addition to my current rotation, and more a project to work on this summer: (this will surely generate several edge-of-your-seat-with-suspense posts)

Not my actual shoe. I don’t want to stand up and take a picture, so I stole one from the interwebs.


8.) The running goal I find I think about and obsess over most lately, is finagleing a way to move myself up from Wave 2 to Wave 1 at the Boston Marathon in 2013. You can see more about what that means here (spoiler alert: it’s a user friendly chart! yaaay!)


9.) I spent 5 days in Seatle the week after The Qualifier. The annual ABAI conference is overwhelmingly rich with information. But, I came home really frustrated with the lack of research presentations and talks and technologies that I felt I could really truly, effectively and realistically apply to the population that I work with. If you are totally lost about what I am driving at please read my “About Me” page, and the “ABA” page on this blog.

So, do you know type of week it is right now?

It’s the first week of a marathon training cycle! The Chicago Marathon is in 16 weeks, and I’m gonna run it! I LOVE the first week of training. And with a “new” bike, and the knowledge of how to swim in the lake (seriously, this alluded me for the past 6 years), I am so pumped to train more aggressively than ever!

With hints number 8 and 9 weighing heavily on my mind, I decided to sign up for the Chicago Marathon as a charity runner!

I will be running for and fundraising for Special Olympics Chicago. I don’t think a week goes by where I don’t have a conversation about or fawn over medals from the Special Olympics with the individuals at Garden Center. Special Olympics provides the same thing to these folks that sports provided me as a teenager, and continue to provide me as an adult.

Sports, training, and competition teach us that we can do amazing things even if they take hard work.

Sport shows us that we can improve. That we can impress, and that we can inspire.

Sport teaches us how to cope with and conquer hardship, physical and mental alike.

Sport can help us communicate our needs and our desires.

Sport can help us, and it can save us.

So please join me over the next 16 weeks as I train harder than I ever have, in order to run faster than I ever have, in honor of Special Olympics participants former, present, and future.

Please help me get to the Chicago Marathon on October 7th, and help Special Olympics Chicago continue to have an amazing an invaluable impact on the lives of thousands of children and adults by donating to my fundraising effort.

You can get to my fundrasing page by clicking here, or click on the Special Olympics icon at the upper right of the blog home page.

I have a lot more to share about the last few weeks and my training plan for the summer, but I’ve held you here long enough! Thank you for reading, thank you for believing, and thank you for your support!


4 responses to “Hairs, Plans, and Announcements. (ok, only one of each)

  1. Nice Newtons! Love mine. P.s. Are you going to do a triathlon too? Looks like you’re all ready for one! I’ve got two sprints coming up … I’ve got to get on Walden pond ASAP (yes, the Walden of Thoreau fame is the triathlete’s training dream around here … I’ve just got to get in!)

    • There is a Tri at Walden Pond?…that is so cool! I now want to do that, I was obsessed with Thoreau in high school, (went to HS in New Hampshire…so in context it doesn’t seem so weird).

      I am about to spent some time on google 😉

      Yah, I think I want to aim for a sprint this summer. There is one in Chicago on July 28th I am looking at…but that seems so soon! ACH!

      • Oh no, sorry to mislead you! There’s no organized tri at Walden, but every morning of the summer as the sun rises, you can find up to 20 or 30 triathletes swimming the half-mile length of the clear pond. I’m sure it’s the romantic scene that Thoreau envisioned. :). I’ve heard the Chicago tri is great!

        • Ahh, hehe, I get it. Well, next time I am in bean town it might be worth the trip to workout there! I seem to have selective reading/hearing today 😉


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