Fly Trap.

You might recall that I skipped my planned run last night to blog and beer up instead.

I also spent a while going through old photos, and taking pictures of them on my phone, for later use embarrassing various friends and family members.

To be fair, here is one of myself, age 6. Ready for T-ball, where I never made contact with a single ball, if memory serves me right.

Pretty sure I didn’t have any front teeth

Anyway, back to running, because this blog is about training for marathons, not about T-Ball, though I might seriously consider the change.

I improvised with a 10 miler before work today. It seemed like a solid plan since I didn’t have to leave for work until 9 today. Much later than usual.

Of course, I still struggled to get up and by the time I made it out the door to run I needed to hit 7:45 splits precisely (or faster) to get all 10 miles in and not make myself late.

7:45 is that pace for me that seems easy until I have to nail it, and then I end up all over the place.

I lost precious time when a fly surged right into the hanger and got purchase at the back of my throat. It was a direct hit that immediately had me at a full stop, heaving, and spitting.

Fortunately, I was right by the “theater on the lake” building which I knew had a bathroom and water fountain tucked behind it. I first sprinted behind a tree, it was so obvious that I was about to hurl that I didn’t want to puke on the path!

After deciding I could make it, I ran into the bathrooms, I had just seen the park service truck drive down the path so I think I was there a literal 3 minutes after they were unlocked for the day.

All I had in my stomach was one of those orange Gatorade “Prime” packets. And sorry to over-share here, but, euch, that’s the kind of puking that takes a while to recover from.

This was only about 3 miles into my run and the remaining seven went something like spit, check pace, spit, check pace, spit, and repeat.

Anyway, I share this seemingly meaningless training minutia because this is one of those experiences that reminds me of how much progress I have made over the past 18 months.

The fact that I now totally accept that occasionally, for a variety of reasons, you might throw up mid run, but that you can still hit your training target for the day, is a one of those training and performance milestones that makes non-runners think that running is a malfunction.

I for one, think it’s the most functional I’ve ever been.


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