Snap out of the data and into reality.

A few months ago I posted some bad photos from The Shamrock Shuffle.  Much like that day, today is a Thursday of Thursdays, I am tired and a little cranky. I am bloated and creaky (chalk that up to a dinner last night that was nearly entirely composed of salt), and the more I seem to want to get things done the more I seem to get interrupted.

Don’t you love thursdays?

Yesterday was no hoot either:

*  I got 2 parking tickets (awesome, I totally was hoping to donate $120 to the City of Chicago this week, on top of the $200 I need to give them for my city sticker tomorrow, and the $350 I need to put down for my insurance renewal on Monday)

*I experienced some fly-induced vomiting during my run

Tonight is the Bastille Day 5k/8k. Probably not going to a PR , as I am finding it hard to both stay awake and focused at the same time.

Complaining typically leads to more anxiety, not less, which is why I am taking this brief break from my work day to bring you all this:

Yet another perfect race shot. And also a reality based illustration of how easy it is to miss the forest for the trees.

So, turning the day around, my racing goal for tonight is to spend less than 75% of my running time staring at my Garmin, and replace that with taking in the energy and enthusiasm of those around me.

And to enjoy a post race beer garden adventure with my runnerd friends.


One response to “Snap out of the data and into reality.

  1. Hope it went well!


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