Bastille Day 5k/8k and networking

I think I have mentioned before that joining a training group for the Boston Marathon training cycle last winter has had myriad bonus effects, and only a small proportion of them are performance related. I was thinking about that again last night. For nearly 10 years I have gone to 90% of my race efforts alone, ran, then left.

Now, since January of this year, I always see people I know, I get a total thrill out of seeing people I have trained with get PR’s, and I find myself wanting to hang around afterwards to talk about all sorts of running related stuff, and have a few drinks, and talk about decidedly non-running related stuff. Additionally, these people don’t think I am weird, or too loud, or that I am too obsessed with running.

I guess it’s pretty clear my social development arrested at like age 5.
The other thing that has evolved since Boston Bound 2012, beer tastes twice as good as it did before.

Which is why I had many of them post-race. A dozen of us went to a bar with outdoor seating, had some drinks, and were wholly recruited by a local contingent of Hash House Harriers to join their Thursday night beer-runs.

This is not one of the actual Hashers from last night, but you get the idea. Click on the image to read a blog of a Hasher. I really might join, actually. At some point.

Anyway, my friend Julian (my boyfriend’s brother, incidentally), ran the 8k and did fantastic, this is only his 2nd race, and his training has consisted of playing soccer. I think we have a budding new member in our midst!

Julian and I practicing for our inevitable Runner’s World cover.

Other highlights were that I am pretty sure I agreed to do an Ironman 70.3 in October…and, there is an average of one destination race per month that I want to do for the remainder of 2012. Ummm, anyone want to be my benefactor?

I certainly didn’t run a very clean 5k. My splits tell a pretty accurate story of how it felt:

mile 1: 6:20

mile 2: 6:40

mile 3: 7:00

Finish: 20:49

It’s really interesting that every 5k, regardless of how well, or not so well I am running or feeling I go through the same chain of thoughts. They go something like this:

start: woohoo, running fast is so fun! I am going to sprint the shit out of this thing!

mile 0.75: hmm, I have to pee, and I keep almost tripping.

mile 1.25: maybe I will just stop at the halfway point.

mile 1.50: I really, really, really, really ,really don’t feel like doing this anymore. Maybe I can just switch from running to volunteering at the water stop.

mile 2: crap. this is really painful.

mile 2.1: WHY DOES THIS HURT SO BAD??!!?!?!

mile 2.5: only one YASSO to go!

mile 2.55: shit shit shit, it’s a 3 point ONE race.

mile 2.6: NOW only one YASSO to go!

mile 2.75: 400 meters, shit, I did it again. shit shit shit, 500 meters? wait, that’s not right either. ach! This is never going to end!

mile 3: kick-don’t-trip-kick-don’t-trip-kick-don’t-trip.

mile 3.1: when can I try this again? I SO bet I can run an 18 min 5k.

In all seriousness I think I go through way more psychological issues, confusing math attempts, and delusional thinking during a 5k than a marathon.

Which brings us to today. Which was a wash. I worked from home but only completed about 25% of what I planned. I also took a 4 hour nap in the late afternoon rather than going for a 10 mile run with a friend. She reportedly had an awesome run, which makes me feel relieved that my bailing didn’t hold her back at all, and also makes me feel like a jackass for setting myself back.

Running is so full of ambivalence (or did you already notice that from my inner monologue?)

I am going to work 4hrs tomorrow and 4 on Sunday to get caught up. Also, since I had a rest day today, I am going to try to run 10 Sunday and swim as well.

It’s an ambitious plan but I think starting off on a Monday feeling on top of both my work load and my training is the key to a successful week.

Anyone feel like sharing their internal behavior during racing or training?


3 responses to “Bastille Day 5k/8k and networking

  1. My 5K thoughts are pretty much the same. “Weeee this is fun!! I’m kickin ass!” to “Ugh, only half done?” to “don’t puke don’t puke don’t puke don’t puke” to “yes! done! I am awesome!”

  2. I did a 5k today. My first thought was the same as yours! “I’m gonna run the shit outta this race!” About half way I began to think “Maybe I shouldn’t have started so fast” then at the end as I’m sprinting across the finish & hearing my name on the speakers “Hell yes!” I usually try to say nice, encouraging things to myself when running. I think it has helped πŸ™‚ Today was my best 5k yet!


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