Bringing it up to speed…

Here’s a photo version of the past six weeks. Any time un-accounted for you can go ahead and assume I spent on my couch watching entire seasons of silly programs via Netflix while eating sorbet and cereal. And you’ll be right.

Bagged my hilliest 20 miler (did I mention this already?) while in San Antonio.

Took the female win in my redemption 10k trail race (also in San Antonio). I did get lost, again, but this time ADDED .2 to the course, so it was legit. No big deal really, only about 3/4 of the field followed me :/

Not the best photo, but it’s a keeper as proof that I completed my 3rd marathon of 2012. My 4th ever. And my 4th state.

This is the final stretch of said marathon. The Minoqua No Frills Marathon. Which is, in , fact in Wisconsin. Not Michigan, as I kept telling everyone. Even on race day.

This is me entering that final stretch on the bridge. My favorite final .15 of a course to date. My first top 20 marathon finish (don’t ask me how many finishers there were).

Found my dream house. It’s in Wisconsin.

The Chicago Half Marathon. I was really grumpy. And my performance showed it.


This arrived. Which made me realize that my weight is trending in the wrong direction and this has been the most unpredicable training cycle ever. Oh, and I have lots of weird aches and pains, and no planned taper…winging it is responsible, right?

Played the spectator, crew, and rambling running buddy for 3 of my friends while they ran the Fox Valley Marathon. I learned that spectating is a bigger adrenaline rush than racing! Poor Lee Ann, I photobombed half of her pictures. She looks super cute in every single one, and mostly I look either totally out of place and/or like a gollum. So, basically they look like most of my own racing shots.


5k Womens win last Saturday with my gals from work. I got off-course, again. Apparently that’s my theme this summer. But again I went over-distance, so no one cared. Except for me because it added a full minute to my time which otherwise would have been a sweet PR. And, yes, I have already been informed that I photograph like a goofball. And yes, that is my dog, Lucy, riding in a kids car-seat.

Although I don’t subscribe to the myth of multitasking. I’ll fake it for a bit.

Not even 12 hours into taper (which technically means my body hadn’t had time to really be “tapering), I let the cravings win. (I am doing a 12 day taper, so this was not even 48 hrs ago and 2 of those Sorbet’s are gone)

All my free time at home has looked like this. With little variation.

I met my fundraising goal for Special Olympics Chicago this weekend. Right now the total is at $1,110 and I am so thrilled. Thank you so much for the support! My fundraising page is still up and running if you’d like to contribute. Just click here.

Today, when it comes to running, I am a mess. My lower leg injury from a couple of months ago is threatening to re-surface, I have been shoveling in the junk food, and I’ve had several very frustrating training runs lately. There are 6 moderate miles on the lakefront on tap for tonight. Thank goodness I have a running buddy because otherwise I think I would just take my rage out on the rush hour traffic them go to bed with a pint of sorbet and my iPad with netflix.

To re-use an old graphic:

If you’re running Chicago leave me a comment about your own taper struggles. I could use the solidarity!

Also, is anyone else a Chicago-rookie and freaking out about the crowds?



2 responses to “Bringing it up to speed…

  1. Congrats on your wins!

    Boo on your leg and not feeling your runs lately 😦 It sounds like you are fast enough that it is legit for you to be concerned about the Chicago crowds. When I ran it I was so slow I did not have that issue. But they open up the entire street, so I bet you will be okay unless some slowpoke gets in your way!

    I wonder if we crossed paths while spectating Fox Valley at all!


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