Time’s up for hyperbolic discounting.

This includes things like:

  • irritability
  • disordered sleep
  • excessive eating
  • angry outbursts when people ask “how long is THIS marathon?”
  • gastro-intestinal distress
  • severe drop in work productivity
  • bizarre rule-making
  • intrusive thoughts (about the big day and training)
  • somatic complaints
  • refusal to wear dress footwear , regardless of the event
  • acute hypochondriasis
  • reduction in attention span
  • perseveration on weather patterns
  • the belief that it is appropriate to engage in physical therapy exercises anywhere and everywhere
  • sharply diminishing vocabulary
  • total narcissism…

(Please continue this “taper madness” list in the comments section, this game never gets old)

During the two weeks before the Boston Marathon this spring I felt the fastest, and fittest, of my life. Right now, in the final countdown to the Chicago Marathon, I feel the opposite of that.

The graphic below explains this phenomena pretty well I think:

I’ve also isolated about 5 things that I could do better in my next training cycle compared to this one. The above graphic sums those up nicely as well. I will tantalize you with my graphs and analyses post-Chicago. Sn fear not, nerds.

When I was training for Boston I posted a training update every Sunday. They always left me feeling accomplished. I considered doing one yesterday, then remembered that I had 3 of the worst training runs of my life last week, so instead, I channelled my frustration into this:

Intrusive thought (see list above); I had a little bit of wine on Friday night. I just wanted to share, because I never do the “happy hour” thing. But I really, really should.

I also did some stretching/quasi Yoga-ing this weekend and I think it helped ease some of the transient pains and aches I’ve been having. I’ve also been eating enough iron-rich foods that I might just start pooping quality cookware pretty soon.

While flipping ceaselessly through my training binder (I really should consider going digital, the thing weights a ton), I made the serendipitous discovery of a stash of pace bands left over from last May. The Qualifier was also a flat course so I might just use one of them on Sunday. But, my performances lately have been so unpredictable that a pace band might turn out to be punishing rather than motivating.

I made it through one, moderately paced, loop at Waterfall Glen on Saturday with only a few “work out the kinks” stops, and I am going to head out for a “no pressure” 3-5 miles tonight. Here’s hoping some joy infuses itself back into my running asap, because the weather report says that I am totally out of excuses for a less than PR marathon attempt on Sunday.


6 responses to “Time’s up for hyperbolic discounting.

  1. I find blogging is a great way to keep yourself going sometimes. Of course self accountability is important also, but posting success or even failure helps also.

  2. You made a quilt in one weekend?! There’s a PR right there!

    I don’t feel as stressed as I did before Boston. I felt great, trained well, and put ton of pressure on myself. Thought it was my one shot at Boston. And all that stress was for nothing with that heat wave. Maybe there’s a stress phenomenon when it comes to hometown races. You can graph that.

    I’m just hoping for a good time in Chicago. But I’ll admit one thing … I am delaying my mandatory flu shot until next week (had to talk to a few clinic managers about that one), and I feel tempted to grab a mask whenever I pass someone with a cough at work. 🙂

  3. Haha, so, funny story Kelly: I also am putting off my flu shot even though I know it’s a little silly. Tonight I got home from work and my boyfriend said “Just so you know you might want to change the pillow cases, I think I am getting sick”. To which I replied “Maybe you should sleep at your mom’s house” … um, relationship 101 = don’t tell your partner to go sleep elsewhere when they’re feeling ill. Even if it is marathon week.

    You are going to have a great race! I sure hope you and Tish are going to meet up with myself and some bootleggers after!

    Oh, and the quilt, I’ve decided it should be king sized, which means I HAVE TO run another, like, 24 races 🙂

    • Haha, love your story! I say crap like that, and then I tell Tish that it’s her fault I said it. As an 8-time marathoner, she encouraged and even trained me couch-to-10K in 2009. And look at me now! All her fault. Relationship 102: It’s not her fault. Never ever.

      I’ll do my best to pull myself together to meet y’all after! Fun times await! Can it be Friday yet?!

      • I promise no matter how tired or beat up you feel at the finish, after a couple drinks and good laughs you’ll feel great! Seriously, time is standing still!


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