Getting Back on the Unicorn

I’m 5 weeks into training for Boston 2013, and last night was the first “wednesday night speed workout” run with the Boston Bound group at Fleet Feet. It was real confidence builder to see so many new people, a lot of people from last year, and to run faster than I have been on my own. It was also a big reality check, that the day of the Unicorn is only fourteen weeks out. (follow that link to read an article that explains the reference)

Looking at my training log from this exact time last year, I am running my easy effort (i.e. recovery runs and maintenance runs) at a full 30 -45 seconds slower than this time last year. To reiterate: same effort = much slower. Crap. I am also a solid 6 pounds heavier. Which is actually progress, as I’ve lost 4 over the past few weeks.

Keeping data on multiple variables can be a great source of motivation, and can be mined for making improvements to training, but sometimes it can also be fairly demoralizing.

I took the “off” part of the off-season a bit too seriously. Based on numbers alone my performance at the Chicago Marathon was fine (3:26:33; 501/16,767 women). But I came out of it feeling pretty bad about the whole event. And there’s undeniable evidence that I cried my way through China Town.
china town bust

To simplify, I have a lot of hard work ahead of me and it’s time for less of this:

And a lot more of this:
photo (14)

Happy New Year!

10 responses to “Getting Back on the Unicorn

  1. Yay Annabelle! Don’t get caught up in last years numbers, you aren’t the same person you were last year. All you can do right now is be the best you can be (which by the way is pretty freaking AWESOME). I am proud of you for getting back on the horse and look forward to your kick ass unicorn race!

  2. I find that the weight really starts to come off about 2 months into marathon training. I was thinking about doing the Boston Bound group, but it would take me 30 minutes each way to get there, and I was wondering if it was worth it. Oh well, too late! Good luck and maybe I’ll see you at the starting line.

    • Yah, I keep calming myself by telling myself that weight loss, just like training, has to build some momentum. You can totally still sign up for Boston Bound if you’re interested, I highly reccommend it! I improved a lot last year because of the program and the amazing people in it, it’s really become a year-round experience. I know last year there were a few people who commuted into the city to run with us, and once long runs are at 16 miles and over we go out to Barrington and Water Fall Glen. I know also that some people sign up for the program just for the ammenities on race weekend in Boston. Anyway, worth considering I think.

  3. Fried pickles are my FAVORITE food. Ugh! I need to drop a few too. I did in Dec then the week between Christmas and New Years did not go well. Okay, it went great and I ate a ton of crap (and drank a ton of Corona Lt) and regained what I had lost. So I need to dump a solid 5 lbs to be real with myself. Lansing Marathon (April 21st) starts in earnest next week. I needed a little downtime after Ragnar Key West.

    Good luck! You’ll get there!

    • I’d never had fried pickles before going to San Antonio for Christmas, now I’m hooked. I even made some at home on New Years day, I’m planning to figure out a gluten-free recipe soon! Hope your Ragnar recovery is going well!

  4. Enjoy your training and how much potential there is for improving! I’m looking forward to being your support crew in April!

  5. Good luck with your training! I decided to do a 12 week training plan for Boston, but I’ve taken the “off” part too seriously too, so I’m a bit worried! I don’t see myself giving up beer anytime soon though.

    • I’ve decided to swap out beer for hard cider and wine for the trainging cycle. I missed a whole week of training last week because I had the flu, and the way I kept myself calm was saying “lots of people use a 12 week cycle, so I’ll be fine!” haha


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