Training Re-Cap 14 Weeks to Boston 2013

BB countdown2013a

Running 8 miles one week, and 52 the next, is considered a really ill-advised move. But that’s how it just worked out for me, and I’m still upset about what it has done to what was going to be a really beautiful graph.



Which I realize is not the goal. But I get all moon-ey over clean graphs with accelerating trends. And taking last week essentially off training was totally the right call. I am mostly over the flu or whatever virus was working it’s gooey magic now, with the occasional use of cough syrup.

And, before the comments about tempting injury begin let me qualify the graph below by saying that this graph begins the week of traveling for the holidays and getting sick, the weeks prior I was running approximately 45mi/wk. But, you can also validate your concerns because my hamstrings are indeed tight as hell.

And, anyway, 50 miles feels right. I’ve thought that every time I land on a week of running between 45 and 60 miles. It just feels right. The problem is that’s also the level of training commitment where to still get adequate sleep, nutrition, and fulfill my professional obligations, this constant dance of scheduling, and planning, and not doing dishes has to take place.

I could really use a logistics professional.

In numbers the week went like this:

Monday: 7hrs sleep, 6mi Run
Tuesday: 6hrs sleep, 9mi Run (5x1k @ 5k pace)
Wednesday:8hrs sleep, 7mi Run (w/ Boston group, 2mi at 1/2 marathon pace)
Thursday:8hrs sleep, REST
Friday: 8hrs sleep, 8mi (6@TEMPO)
Saturday:8hrs sleep, 10mi (w/ Boston group, moderate pace)
Sunday: 6 hrs sleep, 12mi (progression)

Total: 52 miles
Total hours at work:approx: 50
Total hours in car: approx: 14

At the same point in Boston prep last year, I had just started my current job. Weird, I feel like I’ve been there forever (in a good way). And I was still teaching between 3 and 6 group exercise classes a week, which I frankly still don’t miss. You can see that post here.

I feel really good about this week, and feel optimistic about my training plan, which is more aggressive than I’ve done before. I am tired though, and would like to spend the rest of today lounging, but alas, I am off to work.



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