Motivation and Insights for this week.

I am really optimistic that my training plan will bring me to a great race in Boston, and a solid spring running season (provided, of course, I stay healthy).

The log for this cycle so far. (sorry for the poor photo quality...I guess I need a camera that isn't also my phone)

The log for this cycle so far. (sorry for the poor photo quality…I guess I need a camera that isn’t also my phone)

That said, I am constantly looking for more information on how I might be able to reasonably train closer to my potential.

Or maybe the truth of it is that I am seeking out information that supports the idea that I’m on the right track (shh…confirmation bias can be motivating!), which would explain the amount of time I spend staring at an excel worksheet of my training data.

Even though I am really excited for another go at the Boston Marathon, I still get really, really tired, and start to have intrusive thoughts about excuses as the day creeps closer to time to run.

This happens more on days with a “something of substance” run (speed, tempo, progression etc), mostly because I’m avoiding the frustration of potentially not having a good workout.

Anyway, here are some of the things that kept my head in the game this week (so far):

1.) On Tuesday night as I pulled on compression socks, and still toyed (out loud) with the idea of an unscheduled rest day instead of a speed workout, Jorge said “Someday I’ll run with you, not any time soon, but, someday.”

That’s huge progress (from a strictly selfish perspective). Jorge is committed to his fitness and follows his strength training  cycles diligently. But cardio isn’t a hobby he’s embraced.


This is not Jorge and I. This is a couple I don’t know standing in line at the Chicago Marathon expo. When someday comes and Jorge starts running with me we’ll get matching kicks and our bums will look cute.

2.) I follow the blog of Jay Johnson, he had two short posts this week that offer some great focus for specific workouts operating on the same principle of learning to run hard, but with control. Which has been a skill development that I think has had the biggest impact on my own improvement over the last year.

Read the both posts regarding long runs and repeats here.

3.) Reading interviews like this one with Katherine Switzer remind me of one of the most appealing things about running (for me). It’s gender neutral. When you’re out there racing, real runners who have trained hard and love the sport don’t see “women” and “men”, they don’t worry about getting “chicked” (or the opposite of that), they just see runners.

There is a lot more to promoting female athletes than organizing “women only” races. Sometimes I worry that people have forgotten that. I worry that women’s only races are anti-feminist. Then I read something where  Katherine or other great promoters of the sport (and not just the franchising of racing) remember the progress that’s been made, and I feel so much more optimistic.

4.) I get the daily (?) emails with article links for, and only about every tenth email blast do I see an article that doesn’t seem geared specifically toward beginners, people interested in just the weight loss aspect of running, or how to avoid boredom on a treadmill. But this article about the effects and possibly outcomes of different levels of weekly mileage was really interesting, and provided just enough research summary to placate my need for evidence not anecdote.

So there you have it, I hope that gives you some new things to think about on your next run. Because why would you want to think about anything other than running-related topics?!



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