My arms get tired when I run hard, and cold weather gear is annoying.

I keep saying to myself “I won’t talk about the weather. I won’t talk about the weather.” But then, I keep doing it.

weather txt

The weather is rarely ideal, especially now, during the apocalypse. It will often  be sunny and calm on a recovery run day, and sleeting and windy on a speed workout day. Even if those two days are consecutive. And of course, it will be 90 degrees when you run your first Boston Marathon.

But, us runners, we love to lament and fantasize about the weather. Evidence to the fact is that when I posted about the weather before Boston 2012, it immediately became my most popular blog post. Ever. Click HERE to view said post.

 There’s been a lot of treadmill talk, and balaclava talk this past week. What with arctic temperatures embracing westward expansionist behavior.

Here’s my friend Shelly, on Saturday. I dressed in a similar fashion yesterday for a 6 mile recovery run. I can’t figure out how to brave the wind-chill without my face being wet, the gator/balaclava freezing solid, and my sunglasses fogging. I also found it hard to use my arms and legs properly with all the layers, which is a problem when trying to run, even slowly.

run ninja run

I don’t have a gym membership anymore, and I live in a small apartment, so no easy treadmill access. I really don’t want to skip my speed workout tonight, but I really can’t handle the annoyance of the gear required for the sub zero weather.

So I’ll have to suck it up and lay down a guest fee somewhere.

Speaking of not have a gym membership anymore, I haven’t been lifting weights, at all for a few months now, and my upper body strength is totally gone, I’ve been good about doing super-running-specific ancillary work lately, but that’s all.

No other cross training, no other resistance training.

So, friends, help me get to a point where my arms aren’t tired after a long run or speed workout.

If you love push ups or just want to hear later on about how foolish I look doing push-ups at work, go to my facebook page, like it, and then find this photo below, and like that too.

(I actually swiped this idea from another blogger)

3 responses to “My arms get tired when I run hard, and cold weather gear is annoying.

  1. 1. My most popular post was about the Boston Marathon human BBQ as well
    2. I am almost afraid to train in the cold again because of global warming and what it will do to the Boston Marathon. However, my surgeon friend told me that hot yoga increases your heat shock proteins, allowing you to adapt to heat quickly. Even though I hate hot and yoga, I will be doing hot yoga the next time I train for Boston
    3. Every speed run in that gear IS making your arms stronger! Resistance bands ninjas!

  2. p.s. It’s a little irrational to say that I’m afraid of global warming because of what it will do to the Boston Marathon

  3. You, know. I actually don’t think that’s irrational at all. Now that we’ve hit a real cold snap in Chicago I am totally convinced that means Boston will me 90 degree’s again….I did hot yoga once, and didn’t like it, but perhaps I’ll give it a second chance…


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