Why we do what we do

I was just working on a post similar to last week’s containing links to articles and other things that have helped me stay on track with my marathon training this week.

But then I got pinged that my boss had just forwarded an email to me with the subject line “Why We Do What We Do”.

I’m stopped in my tracks. It had perfect timing because I’ve had a few challenging experiences recently that left me feeling like the harder I try to do the right thing, the more resistance I get. After reading this article and watching the 12 minute video, none of that matters.

It also addresses the question of not only why I work at my chosen profession, but why I run: because I am uncontrollably compelled to, and to not pursue it, would be to not lead the life think is most meaningful.

Read the article here.

And, if you can’t get the video to load you can view it here as well. (it’s the one called “Wright’s Law”.)

Please follow the links and watch the video I don’t have the extra $60 to pay so that I can embed video onto my blog, I promise, it’ll be worth the 12 minutes of your life.

With tremendous love,



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