The F^3, Training Re-cap, Tera Moody, and a Peter Sagal near-miss.

First and briefly here’s my training week. I am disappointed with my training performance this week, but I made the right call in taking an additional rest day on Friday (could hardly stay upright and alert through the work day), and I recognize that taking care of my health (going on a month of having a sticky cough, and my gut is still a mess even with 3.5 weeks gluten-free), will lead to a great race in April just as much as the miles will.

Monday: sleep 8hrs, run 6mi (lunge matrix/push ups/core)
Tuesday: sleep 8hrs, run 7.5 mi w/ speed ladder (lunge matrix/myrtl/plank pedestal)
Wednesday: sleep 8hrs, Rest, Kettlebell (basic routine), stretch
Thursday: sleep 5hrs, run 11mi (7 tempo), (lunge matrix)
Friday: sleep 6hrs, extra rest day
Saturday: sleep 8hrs, run Half Marathon
Sunday: sleep 8hrs, run 9.5mi (lunge matrix)

Total: 45 miles

I didn’t do as much of the peripheral work as I’d like. But I did this:

push ups BAA

on my “blog facebook page“, I am embarrassed to report that I was pretty sore after doing a total of about 30 push-ups in a 24hr period.

I’m considering doing another, similar, challenge this week: stay tuned.

Yesterday I ran the F^3 Lake Half Marathon, I had a fine day, 1:34:57, which is a minute+ PR, I finished feeling like I could take another 2 minutes off, which I think is a great way to start the year.

A start line made for the Bootleg Runners Coalition.

A start line made for the Bootleg Runners Coalition.

This race has grown exponentially in its 4 years, (this was my first) and I hope it doesn’t get any bigger. It was absolutely perfect. If you’re interested in swag: the shirt is great, and the medals were clever. If you’re like me and stress out if you’re bumping elbows with other runners for half the race, and get very easily confused about where a course goes: this race is also great. If you’re interested in the social value of racing: great again, lots of folks made it over to the post race celebration.

A lot of the things that made this race so great, are exactly the things that get lost at huge races. For example, the course was easy to follow because they placed exactly one or two people at any turns (I have had course volunteers tell me to go the wrong way before) directing racer-traffic. Of course, I might be a little bias because the course ran along routes I am very familiar with. But still it stands, that at large races, volunteers (as wonderful as they are) sometimes aren’t clear on the course, and how to succinctly communicate with runners who might be a little tired (or cold, nervous, stressed etc).

Also, in terms of amenities or gimics to attracts runners, this race had the perfect balance: beer ticket, nice t-shirt, clever medal, free photos, post-race party somewhere warm where more beer was available as well as food, nice AG awards…

Speaking of age-groups, two BRC peeps took first in theirs! It was awesome to see both of these guys (Erin and Mark) run by when with nearly 2,000 runners behind them. I love courses that have an out-and-back-ish layout so that I know how my friends (or celebrities/pro’s) are doing while I’m still slogging away.


Tera Moody was in town, presumably enjoying some Chicago style R&R after placing 6th at the Houston Marathon. Some of my friends and I asked her for a photo with us, we put it off for a while, not wanting to A) bother her, and B) look like nerds (ok, less concerned about this), but she was the definition of grace! We asked for a quick photo-op and she said “No, wait, I want to meet you guys first!” she met each of us and we chit-chatted and I haven’t been so pleased since giving my dad a full bio of everyone we spotted at the Boston expo last year.

 F3 post party

(admin note: my mac died. And I am not as fluent using my work PC – and I’m having seriously annoying photo issues. Case in point: why are they posting so small?)

Apparently Peter Sagal was racing too…I didn’t see him, probably because Erin, Kristin, and I had to sprint from the porta-potties, then crawl our way from the start line back through the first few rows of elites (“sorry, sorry guys, sorry dude, shit, shit, sorry, sorry, excuse us…oh, is that the national anthem. crap my shoes are totally untied” – and, sorry to the man whomI head-butted, in the, er, butt, after tying my lame shoes).

Good form, Peter, good form…hopefully I’ll see you out there next time!


11 responses to “The F^3, Training Re-cap, Tera Moody, and a Peter Sagal near-miss.

  1. Congrats again on the PR! Yesterday was a blast 🙂

  2. Congrats on the PR!! I knew Tera Moody was there (one of my friends who unfortunately DNF’d got to see her finish and chat with her), but I didn’t know Peter Sagal was there too!

  3. Cool that you met Tera Moody and had a near miss on Peter Sagal! Congrats on the PR.

    • Thanks Pete, I definitely need to try and meet some bloggers at races too, I guess there were a lot there yesterday!

  4. Sorry I didn’t see you out there – probably because you were moving way too fast. And, if I would have known Tera Moody was at the after-party I would have definitely come out! (though I would have been embarrassed to tell her my finishing time!)

    • Pshaw…I tried to see you finish but everyone was so bundled up I probably would have screamed at some poor defenseless runner. Next time you have to hang with BRC post-race!

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  6. Ha, just read this, great for me to catch up on my BRC history and love the BRC/beer references. And yeah I actually ran this race too, AND hilariously enough you have a picture of me too (guy in orange in the last photo). Great stuff!

    • OMG! I totally recognize your running posture! It’s an act of BRC fate! Also, I just realized Pete B commented on this back in January, and now he’s a Bootlegger too! Auw, love.


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