10 Weeks Until Boston 2013 – Training Re-Cap

69 days left

This history is why, even when you “don’t feel like it”, you get after it, and lace up.

I was grumpy enough yesterday that even thinking about writing a rosy training re-cap made my blood pressure rise.

Here’s a no-frills re-cap:

Monday: 6mi easy
Tuesday: 8mi moderate pace
Wednesday: 7.5mi (6×800) also: 65 burpee’s form “like” challenge
Thursday: Reeeeeest
Friday: 10mi progression
Saturday: 16mi with hills
Sunday: 9.5 easy (well, no, slow. not easy!)

Total: 57mi.

I had a solid long run Saturday with the Fleet Feet group, and, despite the slippery surface and an impressive roll of the ankle, ran a negative split, which although at a pace 15 seconds slower than planned, was really the purpose of the run, so that was great.

Also, true to every time I’ve gone running in Barrington, ever, on the return half of the run, all the horses were lined up at the road-side fences, asses to runners. Hilarious. I’m pretty sure the homeowners trained them to do it.

This image links to the Barrington Hills Wikipedia entry, not a terrible read, actually. Also, this is obvious a summer scene, this Saturday was snowy, slushy, and a tad windy. Not quite as idyllic.

Yesterday’s (Sunday) run, however, totally demoralizing. I got up at 8:30am to run, and procrastinated all the way to 2:30. I wasn’t really making excuses not to go run, because it was clearly an inevitability, I was just making excuses to “not go right now”. I then shuffled and swore my way through 9.5 ugly miles. It took forever. Yup, 9.5, I had 10 on my schedule, but that last 800 meters seemed like a completely unbearable concept.

You’re welcome.

Training for Boston is enough of a carrot, that even though I admit that I am right now playing the put-it-off game again, I know I’ll go out for my scheduled 8 miles “easy” tonight. Eventually.

I know why I’m dragging my feet. Because I’m afraid it’ll feel as bad as yesterday.

TIME STAMP: 5:12 pm … ok, I’m going, but only because it’s getting dark, and I need at least 70 minutes (warm up lunge matrix etc + run)…

Yes, I know, Lucy really needs a haircut.

Yes, I know, Lucy really needs a haircut. And I need to do the dishes.

Whelp, thanks to the Premack Principle (first run, then additional blogs, social media, and yesterdays “Downton Abbey”episode) I got in my run. (It’s later now…obviously.)

And I feel so much better! 

Yesterday’s run drove me into the ground. Tonight’s run was exactly as it was supposed to be, it was relaxed, it was restorative, and now I’m looking forward to doing speed-work tomorrow.

Thanks for being here for me, virtual friends! The rice cooker is on and I’ve got an inbox full of run- nerdy goodness to get to!


One response to “10 Weeks Until Boston 2013 – Training Re-Cap

  1. Yep, that sounds about right 🙂


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