Your Food is Judging You.

I stopped watching “The Biggest Loser” a few years ago because I felt totally exhausted by the constant message that if you are overweight then you are “bad” and after you lose a massive amount of weight you’ll be a “new and better person”. That, you’ll be good.While it might be true that for some people their obesity is a symptom or product of psychological trauma, or because they don’t have effective coping skills other than eating, and while it may also be true that some people get fat because they are lazy, it is absolutely not true that your BMI is a reflection on your morality.

But I digress. Because apparently snack foods are the new way to make a statement about your moral fortitude.

judgemental food

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Please forgive me the typos.

Please forgive me the typos.


2 responses to “Your Food is Judging You.

  1. And frankly being overweight is better for you than smoking and I’ve known loads of women use cigarettes to keep their weight down


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