Some Running Entertainment and a Training Re-Cap (9 weeks til Boston)

I was really coveting an at-home treadmill so that I could have done this today:

Because I feared my run would look something more like this:

Yah…best I could do…

As it turns out it was a steady heavy rain, and wind, for the first 11 miles, and then, of course, the rain stopped when I had a mile to go.

Yesterday was the second annual “Virtual Run for Sherry” organized by Beth Risdon of Shut Up and Run in memory of her cousin who was abducted and violently murdered while out running last year. I printed off a dozen bibs to share with the Boston Bound training group. I am pleased to report that next time I’ll print at least double that!

Being a socially awkward blogger I didn’t understand how to organize a group photo, so here’s my friend Kristin and I post run.

Kristin run for shery

We both look stiff because the room was really crowded. And we’re dorks.

I saw this on Facebook today and it so perfectly sums up my run on Wednesday that I had to share.

dog snow poop

Speaking of which, THANK YOU to everyone who emailed me, commented on the blog or on Facebook, and those who chatted with me in the real world after the poop post. I actually wasn’t trying at all to be funny when I wrote that post. I was feeling extremely frustrated. But once I published the post, and heard from all you folks, the whole thing was hilarious and I had a healthy perspective.

Running isn’t cheaper than therapy, running and blogging ARE therapy.

And that brings me to:

63 days

9 more weeks!

Monday: 8 miles easy
Tuesday: Unplanned Rest (got caught up at work)
Wednesday: 9 miles (3×1600), “like” challenge – push ups and sit ups
Thursday: 11 miles (8 tempo) – treadmill
Friday: 8 miles easy
Saturday: 10 miles moderate
Sunday: 12 miles (planned for a progression run, in reality was a steady moderate effort…weather)

Total: 58miles (lunge matrix pre runs, and planks post)

Before I head to the shower and then out for some quality time with my girl Shelly, here’s one final random bit of entertainment:

I’m certain only runners are interested in these movies, and if you’re following any run-related social media you probably already know that a second “Spirit of the Marathon” film has been in production for the past 6+ months. A trailer has been released but not date for the finished film yet. Anyway, the last one might have inspired a few people to join our club.

How many cliché’s can you count in this 2 minute trailer?

That said, I’m sure to love every minute of it and cry throughout (ok, yes, I was teary and choked up watching the trailer).


One response to “Some Running Entertainment and a Training Re-Cap (9 weeks til Boston)

  1. I know I cried a ton during the first movie…I’m sure this one will be no different.


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