Go ahead: laugh, relax, it’ll make you run faster.

Very short training re-cap:

Yes, I ate several of those little sandwich creations.

Yes, I ate several of those little sandwich creations.

On many occasions this past week, I ate my feelings. The silver lining is that all those delicious feelings were indeed gluten-free, so my belly may have taken on a bit more mass, but it wasn’t excruciating.

My scheduled runs were re-arranged an impressive number of times last week, and I had an unplanned rest-day in there. But, in the end I got all the key workouts in and only came up short by about 5 miles.

Total Mileage: 55

Key workouts: 1) 8mile tempo (w/ 2mi warm-up and 2mi cool-down), 2) 8×800 (same warm and cool) descending splits, 3) 18mi long run progressive pacing.

I haven’t done this yet: I have a debt of about 50 box-jumps to pay this week…

Like challenge #4

Being under the 2 months mark to Patriot’s day is terrifying…mostly because I haven’t saved up any cash to burn at  expo yet!!! Disaster!!!

55 days

I’ve been trying to be more light-hearted about my goals in the last few weeks, but it’s backfiring and I’m just getting more sensitive.

I realize that people are trying to be inspirational and help people to get more active. But, things like this only further promote a destructive all or nothing culture:

I’m sure you’ve seen about 4 dozen different iterations of this. But seriously, dudes, I could workout for 5 hours a day and I’d likely not have this woman’s body. For the same reason I likely won’t run a 2:40 marathon.

Genetics, yo.

Call this just another silly semantic argument (my specialty) if you’d like, but I think it’s actually a very important matter of perspective, I’ve had plenty of workouts that I regret doing.

Like the time in college when I felt sick and wanted to skip swim practice, but rather than confront the conversation with the coach I went to practice, then swam hard as hell into the wall during sprint repeats, and suffered a concussion. And also found out I had pneumonia. I missed a week and a half of practice, and classes. Yup, I regret that workout.

Oh and that one in February of 2011, when I was exhausted, and my feet hurt, but I pushed myself to do a hill workout on a treadmill and suffered a stress fracture that kept me out of Boston 2011. I totally regret every workout I did that week.

I could list more, but you get the point.

Taking rest, rearranging or skipping a workout altogether is one of the changes I’ve made to my training strategies over the past 18 months, and it’s paying off just as much as the hard workouts.

But, in the end, I do suppose that the potential of having a great workout outweighs the risk of a poor (or even regrettable) one.

I just wish there was more promotion out there of learning to hear what your own body is saying to you, and learning that whatever your personal goals and limitations are, they are great, and worth every ounce of respect and enthusiasm you have to give.


4 responses to “Go ahead: laugh, relax, it’ll make you run faster.

  1. I wrote a long reply, but WordPress ate it…so I am saying Amen.

  2. I absolutely hate that most motivational picture things use professional, photo shopped fitness models who haven’t eaten carbs in 2 weeks. But yeah, I agree…there are plenty of regretted workouts.


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