Whiskider will probably not make me skinny, or faster.

I’ve started drafting  several posts between last Saturday and today, but they keep taking on a tone of general jackassery that I’d rather not burn into the internet forever. So instead here’s a tour of some less potentially  controversial quasi-running related points of ponder for your Friday.

Boston is getting very close (37 days!), and I was playing with my training logs (as I tend to do) this week, I projected out what the rest of my training cycle might look like (weekly mileage anyway). I haven’t built the last 3 weeks of my plan yet, so I made several assumptions.

Anyway, while I was doing this a couple of things occurred to me.

First, I wasn’t including the actual 26.2 of race day in the calculation of my mileage on race weeks…so I fixed that (see, my training binder pays off!), which really changes how my tapers look:

boston2013 projection

The only redeeming factor of this error is that my mileage hadn’t ever really been high enough that I think taper made very much difference on my performance come marathon day.

The other thing this brought to my attention is that all my other efforts to train well were a real mess! I am really pleased with how my training has gone this winter…true, I’ve already got a dozen item list rendered for areas of improvement in the next round, but still, just this graph shows that things are shaping up in my marathon training. Slowly but surely.

Speaking of slowly but surely, one of my goals in 2013 is to trim down by somewhere around 15-18 pounds. I’ve shaved off 8 or 9 so far (it fluctuates, as it should, frankly) but the progress is so slow that it’s nearly immeasurable.

I think I just figured out why that is:

wiskider and cube

Every. Damn. Day.

On the top there, that’s a cider that tastes like it’s had a double shot of whiskey added to it (ain’t I clever, I call it “whiskider”). The bottom is a box of wine from Target that costs less than your typical decent bottle of wine, and equals 4 bottles of the sweet stuff. Both have just the alcohol content, that after two glasses, your whole outlook on the day is much more positive and accepting.

Which is hilariously a lot like running:


This is the first training cycle where I have set targets for repeat (I.e. speed or strength) workouts, or tempo sessions. To be honest, it’s the first time I’ve really done either of these things regularly with any kind of structure. And before every single structured run, I spend anywhere from 10 minutes to 48 hours before the run, terrified.

The lovely self-portraits above are from Wednesday evening when I had my first ever attempt at 2 mile repeats. They are now, much to my own surprise, possibly my favorite workout ever.

Remember when this happened?

Like challenge #4

I posted this “like” challenge to my Facebook page on February 11th and it got 45 “likes” … I still haven’t cashed in.

For 2 reasons (excuses):

1) access to a plyo box (no, I didn’t think of this…)

2) I’m worried I’ll be sore and can’t seem to figure out how not to do this in close proximity to a key run…

On Tuesday (this weeks running-rest day), I pulled out my “home gym” and did a series of totally unrelated and random exercises for about 45 minutes. Somewhere in there I did 50 jumps on the Reebok step.

home gym

Does that count?

In other news, my 6 year old nephew is newly employed at a Gold Mine in southern California. He gave me a tour, I said make sure you wear a helmet, every time you do anything, ever.

face time

20-miler number 2 out of 3 tomorrow, my last few long runs have been really encouraging, so of course, I am already full of nervous catastrophic imaginings regarding this one…

What do you have scheduled for tomorrow morning? Give me something to ponder!

Also, thoughts on the random tid-bits…or shall I unleash this blogger’s controversial run-nerd potential?


5 responses to “Whiskider will probably not make me skinny, or faster.

  1. 20 or so mile bike ride. I did not know they made a beverage tasting like cider with a hint of whiskey. Very interesting.

    • Enjoy your ride! I’m hoping to get some Tri training going this summer! And, oh my goodness, the Woodchuck Private Reserve-barrel select, is delicious.

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