Breakfast and Speedwork

If you’re not (hello email subscribers!) following the Fluency’s Folly Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook feeds (yes, I totally agree, it’s overwhelming…I need to take a class on how to manage all this. I mean that, actually), then maybe you missed the second and third installment of my 30 Days To Boston photos.

Day 2’s theme was “Breakfast” for which I posted:


I’ve always loved hot cereal, and not only for breakfast. I buy it in bulk (obviously). I also eat it as a snack and every so often as dinner.

In fact, if I’m going to maintain my record of being honest here on the internet (yah, I never got the marketing memo…) yesterday, when I posted this picture of my bulk oats with the hashtag BREAKFAST, I, in reality, had eggs for breakfast.

Then had oatmeal and bacon for dinner.

Day 3’s theme (that’d be today) was “Speedwork”. I cheated a little and posted two images.

First I recycled one from a couple of weeks ago because it’s just a nice little lesson in perseverance. I get really nervous and experience a lot of self-doubt before nearly every speed, strength, or tempo run. Almost without fail, even if I don’t hit all the targets, I feel much better when it’s done. Not because it’s over, but because I know I’ve made another step toward fulfilled my potential as a runner.


I also posted a picture of the “Grant Statue” near the Lincoln Park Zoo. During the Boston Bound training cycle we do our 800 repeats (“Yasso’s” … but not technically, that’s a pet peeve for another day) in the Zoo parking lot.


Yes, you read that right. We run 800 meters, back and forth, down the length of a parking lot. The statue more or less marks the south end of the half-mile stretch. It’s exactly as tedious as it sounds, especially since there is virtually always a strong wind in one direction so half your splits are aided, and half are infuriating.

This year I’ve been missing out on a lot of these workouts because my plan doesn’t call for many 800-repeat workouts. And it’s very odd to admit but I really am missing these sessions. They are the ones were friendships began last year, and where I found some new running buddies early in this training cycle. They are also the workouts that you learn you can run hard, and well, through anything. even a ridiculous headwind laces with hail.

I really like that these two themes have ended up in the same post tonight, because they are two things I have really been working on. Eating high quality breakfasts, and getting in high quality speedwork.

Does anyone else think that the rules of what we designate as “breakfast foods” are totally arbitrary?



4 responses to “Breakfast and Speedwork

  1. For meal a meal is a meal. I can do pasta for breakfast and oatmeal at night with Fish Scampi for lunch…it really doesn’t make a difference fo rme when I eat what I eat as long as it is good for me 🙂

  2. Sounds like you have done some awesome workouts in preparation for Boston. I’m just trying to get there in one piece at this point!


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