30 Days To Boston, Photo #4: Inspire

I want to do a whole post on my grandfather (Melvin Beck). He died before I was much of a runner, or athlete really. And he developed Alzheimer’s when I was too young for either of us to know how similar we were, kindred even.

But, for now, here he is at Alabama circa 1930:


Roll Tide

I have a few photo’s of him on the track, pole vaulting, and high jumping.

He was an olympic qualifier, and stubborn as hell. My mother has some spectacular stories of him rooting for the underdog, following a zig-zag path, a unapologetically striving for his dreams.

I think he’d approved of my ways. Or at least I hope so.



4 responses to “30 Days To Boston, Photo #4: Inspire

  1. Good luck in Boston! I am running, too, but it will be more like a fun run this time!

  2. That is an awesome picture of your grandfather doing the high jump! I imagine it was very difficult to get a shot like that with old cameras. I wonder if they had to go through a few rolls of film to get it perfect like it is! 🙂

    • I’ve never thought of that before! Hmm, I’m trying to find someone who has access to archives at Alabama to get more information, we have some of his medals and pictures but otherwise I know very little about his time there.


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