Gluten Free Snacking is Not Difficult: Photo 5

I am going to post a recap of Sundays race, I promise. In the mean time here is today’s 30 Days To Boston photo: SNACK


Thursday’s I work late so I may not have dinner until 9pm, but even so, this is a pretty typical days worth of snacks I pack to take with me to work.

The times are fairly approximate, I’ve been trying not to snack when I’m not hungry. And when I’m hungry I  a snack. Pretty straightforward. Some days I go through all my food, and other days I panic before it’s time to head home because I’ve run out of snacks.

The term “panic” is, sadly, not an exaggeration.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a “grazer”, I don’t have a deliberate plan to manipulate my metabolism but timing my food (with the exception of snacks that are around training runs or races of course). I’ve tried the whole “6 small meals per day diet” but it inevitably turns into the “eat everything all the time everyday diet” within a month.

Does coffee count as a snack?





3 responses to “Gluten Free Snacking is Not Difficult: Photo 5

  1. Those are some good looking snacks!

    • I’m thinking Beck would approve
      of most of them!

      • Other than the KIND bar, they are all standard Beck snacks, as long as that is goat cheese and the hummus has olive oil. Well, except the tomatoes, they are yucky.


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