Ultra Everything

If you’re digging the 30 days to Boston photo-challenge you can see my entries in real-time everyday by visiting my Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook pages. I know, it’s a ridiculous amount of social-media. But the title of this post is “Ultra Everything”…so pick your poison. Otherwise, they’ll all make their way to this format as well, just not likely in order or daily.


30 Days to Boston photo-challenge day 7: Long Run

A couple of running buddies (also Boston Bound) and I took last Friday off work so that we could get our final (oh. crap.) 20 mile training run in a day early.

Susana, Cindy, and AB. Celebrating finishing the last 20 miler of the training cycle as though we just finished the actual race.

Susana, Cindy, and AB. Celebrating finishing the last 20 miler of the training cycle as though we just finished the actual race.

I wish I could report that after lunch (cider and chili) I went home and behaved like the dedicated age-grouper that I am and bathed, stretched, and foam rolled. But no, I headed to another bar, and fell off the Gluten Free wagon for the first time since January. And, I’m sorry, but the dirt in my teeth from the tumble tasted delicious. I thought I had made a clean “Cheat” getaway until about 36hrs later….weird. I don’t understand my body.

And let this lesson be burned into our little internet-addicted brains forever: not temporarily ditching a smart diet plan in the face of temptation is much easier than getting back on track once you’ve rolled in the green-green grass on the other side. Even with the aversive side-affects. All I want to do now is eat-eat-eat.

Or maybe I just have issues. I probably have issues.

Anyway, the motivation behind moving the long-run to Friday was that we could then be available on Saturday morning to support three other running buddies as they ran the Lakefront 50k.


Multi-run-talented friends: David, Violeta, Nico.

I’ve gushed before I’m sure, about how impressed I am with the runners and friends that surround me. But seriously, an Ultra-marathon. Different animal. Counter to what you may expect, the atmosphere throughout this event was amazingly calm.

I was more worked up about my pacing duties for the final 10 miles than any of the competitors were during the whole dang 31!

For example, my girl Violeta, throwing the peace sign here: took 3rd overall.


Photo credit: Three Run Two

The 50k course consists of 3 loops just over 10 miles each. Which though tedious for some runners, provides others with easy milestones to tic off, and it’s a spectator and support crew dream. I jumped in to run with my buddy Nico just before the 21 miles mark. He was going totally fresh and strong even that far in. I’m not sure you could call what I did “pacing” so much as I was just along for the ride, hitchhiking on Nico’s rollercoaster car already in motion. The last 30% of any distance race is hard (at least in my experience). That’s the time when you have to stay focused  while your body and attention span are fatigued.

But the last 30% of a 50k, I can only imagine seems like  never-ending grind. But David, V, and Nico didn’t give that away for even a second. I am so totally impressed.

I also provided the service of intermittently yelling whatever random mantra I could think of. Here we are about 600 yards from this guy scoring a nearly 10 minute PR, I think I was saying something that actually wasn’t very nice, was super dorky, and probably annoying like, “Slowing down is not an option” or something.


Photo Credit: Three Run Two

I wish I could run the end of other people’s races everyday. Is that a job? Because it would be a dream one.

Sometimes it’s also nice to be the one being run-in to the finish line. My nephew is an expert at it, here he is on July 4, 2011 (4 years old) running me to the finish line of a 10k in California.

30 Days to Boston photo-challenge day 8: Loved Ones

30 Days to Boston photo-challenge day 8: Loved Ones

Do you think he’ll be allowed to run me across the finish line at the Catalina Eco Marathon in November? I sure hope so, I’m going to need a hand.


One response to “Ultra Everything

  1. Aww that’s a cute pic of you with your nephew. 🙂 i see a lot of kids who run to their parents when they see them close to finish line. I don’t see why they would prohibit that.


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