Who accidentally runs 20 miles?

The answer, apparently, is me. I do that. I run 20 miles in one day, 4 days after a planned 20 miler, 2.5 weeks out from my biggest goal marathon of the year. I wish I could say that it was no-big-deal, that I often run twice a day and have that kind of mileage, but I don’t. Not yet anyway.

We (work peeps) are trying to organize a 5k to incorporate into an existing annual fundraiser for the agency I work for (Garden Center Services), so on Tuesday I planned to go scout out the course. What was supposed to be an easy 3mi run and a short break in the workday, turned into an 8mi shuffle into the Twilight Zone.

First, it grew to a 6mi run so that my running buddy Meredith could join me. But we couldn’t figure out where the course was supposed to be. Then, we saw some trippy birds that we thought weren’t real, or had escaped from some stoners bedroom.

We saw a flock of about a dozen and they were shockingly green. Then a mile or so later, I realized that we were not where I thought we were. At all. We were about 3 miles from there, and in a totally different direction. I decided that we’d clearly discovered a wormhole in Burbank Illinois, and on one side live Monk Parakeets. Because, I have a spectacularly infallible sense of direction. You can trust me on this, don’t ask around.

Conclusion: from now on I’m going to refer to Meredith as “Alice”, as in, “Shit, Alice, I think we fell into the rabbit hole again”.

This is Meredith: expert running buddy, scientist, coach, serious love affair with running.

This is Meredith: heretofore known as “Alice”

I had a series of miserable runs last week, and finally hit my pace targets again  for a tempo workout on Tuesday morning. So by the end of our misadventure, I had logged 20 miles for the day. Crap.

Instead of facing another speed workout alone on Thursday I decided to join the Boston Bound training group at Fleet Feet on Wednesday evening. 10×800 repeats. My legs felt like maybe the heaviest they ever have but after easing in for the first two I ran the rest all between 3:01 and 3:06. So a nice clean session. I think. Actually, I have no idea. But I was glad to be done with a solid workout.

I don’t really have a sound point for this post. Just felt like reaching out and saying:



2 responses to “Who accidentally runs 20 miles?

  1. 20 miles on accident only happens when you are in good shape, but I’d rest and sharpen up before Boston–heavy legs tend to get even heavier in a marathon 🙂

    • Agreed! I’m even taking a rest day today as much as it pains my imagination. But I have to say I like the spin you put on things 😉


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