A Few Things for You

Here are a few points of (self) interest for you to kill a few minutes with:

Tomorrow (Saturday) I am going to try to recapture my best 10k to date. I don’t even know why, but I love this course. Probably because when I ran it last year it was the best I’d ever felt during a 10k, but also, loop courses appeal to me. At the short distances anyway, I suppose a 3 mile loop would suck if it were a marathon.


You can read about last years race here.

Since I can’t resist posting hilariously ugly race pictures of myself here is my submission for the photo-challenge day number 11: PAIN


I’m sure I could have made a 10×10 collage. But I think this will suffice.

The day before that, day 10, the theme was “SWEAT”. I have to say, the upside to the endless cold weather we’re having is that I can get away with re-wearing my running clothes between washings far more often than usual.

But, there is something great about being soaked through and wrung out at the end of a hard run:


This picture is from last August, I ran a “redemption” trail 10k in San Antonio to make up for one the week prior where I DNF’ed. You can read about that here.

Today (day 13) the theme was tricky: MOTIVATE. As a behaviorist by trade, I tend to employ many different motivation tricks to get myself to do all sorts of things. But when it comes to keeping my head in the marathon training game, I keep reminders of my goal race within eyesight and arms reach all the time. Here’s the central piece of decoration in my office:

Way back on day 9: DISTANCE, I made this (excuse the typo).

Ever since I started getting fast enough to find myself typically running with more men than women during races, I’ve also had several annoying and unnerving experiences of male-runners who get pissed when a woman passes them. It’s infantile, and bigoted, and yet happens just about once per race. I believe that athletes should be treated with respect, regardless of their sex. Fortunately, here in Chicago, and the United States, that’s the typical experience, but it’s a shockingly recent development, and one that women not too far away do not yet know. 

2 responses to “A Few Things for You

  1. I love your race pictures; they scream badass. So excited to track you in Boston!

  2. haha! Well, that’s the first time they’ve been described like that, and i love it!


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