Take your head out of your arse and put it back in the clouds.

I sincerely apologize for my radio silence. But now that we’re officially a week out (less, if you want to be precise) from the start of the Boston Marathon. I promise you I will be present and transparent, as I usually (compulsively) am.

Thank you so much to those who have reached out via email, comments, and social media to check in on the status of my (runner’s) body, and offered words of wisdom and encouragement. You make me feel like this:

If you would like to track my race next Monday you can set it up via text (as indicated below) or click on the image below to sign up via email.  I won’t know you’re tracking me unless you tell me, so let me know! Last year at Boston as well as Chicago, knowing that people were following along with my progress was a tremendous help in keeping a positive and focused mindset when things got rough.


Speaking of a positive and focused mindset, I’ve not had one since the week after the Cary March Madness Half (read about it here). Very quickly post-race I went from a confirmed knowledge that my training plan was showing some seriously desirable results, to panicking and obsessing that my fitness had peaked too early and now the marathon would be a total slog.

Yes, I’m a brat. Go ahead and take a second to mutter comments in that direction.

My foot isn’t any better other than the swelling having gone down. My plan called for around 55 miles last week and I clocked 25 plus a lot of sulking. I ran 6 miles tonight, and they were slow and uncomfortable, my foot/ankle/soul wasn’t painful at all until after I stopped but I just have no rhythm and I feel like this is a new body, not the one I was training with all winter.

Again: wah-wah-wah!

I’m having a complete shoe crisis, because I bought a pair of excellent new kicks (Brooks Pure Flow 2), but now I’m worried that the former model (Brooks Flow: a fine shoe, but maybe I put too many miles on them real fast) is actually what might have caused this issue, and so now wonder if I should pick up a new pair of  Mizuno Wave Riders (which is what the bulk of my mileage was done with), and race in those next Monday. I love the Brooks Pure Flows, but I haven’t been running in the low drop shoe’s as much this year as I did last, and though I can certainly endure the marathon in them, I fear I’ll develop an injury that will then need 6 weeks to recover…or the injury is from overused Wave Riders…

The outside tongue is attached...why are all shoes not built this way?

The outside tongue is attached…why are all shoes not built this way?

Ach! The conflict!

Advice is very welcomed, If I’m going to go buy shoes (again) it has to be tomorrow after work (Tuesday).

But, back to what I really want to say. There are plenty of possible disasters regarding next Monday that I can mull over, but it’s time to work on my dreaming again.

I’d always rather set a potentially too high goal and joyously strive for it, than to be so caught up in limitations that I end up swirling around, miserable, and stagnant, which is where I’ve been for the last 10 days. And it stinks.

(Except at work: I’ve been extremely productive there…coping mechanisms are amazing.)

So back in the clouds I go! And I am going to keep running over my perfect race in my mind, and picture running a 3:15 at Boston.

Also, not sure if anyone else noticed but Shalane and Kara clearly want me to join their ranks, because their uniforms for Boston look very much like something I would race in:

Exhibit A:

kick ass uniform

Exhibit B:


Yesterday my friend Erin (who KILLED the Shamrock Shuffle in 31:10!!!) reminded me that right after the race pictured above, a woman said to me “I love your costume”.


Not a costume.

Other than day-dreaming about keeping up with the pro-elites, I started plugging away at the list of items I need to pack for Boston tonight. Which rendered my first sincere swell of genuine excitement for the trip, and race day. I was even tempted to get my suitcase out.

My last pair of cheap glasses broke a few weeks ago after 6 years of sweat!

My last pair of cheap glasses broke a few weeks ago after 6 years of sweat!

Did I share yet my gel epiphany from a few weeks ago? It’s hilarious and self-effacing (humiliating), you all will love it.

And with that, before I make this lumbering post more awkward than it is, have a great day and dream-on friends!


10 responses to “Take your head out of your arse and put it back in the clouds.

  1. Wow. First, take a breath. Second, go get some wave riders cuz you need the extra protection right now. They are some of the lightest trainers on the market. They will NOT slow you down and you will have the peace of mind that they are there for you, holding you together. After you place your confidence in the waver riders, then you can just run with the wind and chase down Kara and Shalane. I’ll be watching for you (while I’m “working” and streaming the race live).

    Thanks for giving us your bib #. I added you to my stalking …… ummmm, I mean tracking list!

    KILL IT! You’ve totally got this!!!

  2. you’re headed in the right direction, in the clouds down east. LYWB

  3. Thank you for posting. I needed to hear this, too. And yes, get the shoes. The physiological and psychological boost they’ll give you will far outweigh the extra ounce they add. See you in Boston!

    • It’s so hard to tell the difference between what is psychological and hat is physiological at this point! Glad we’re all in similar sailboats!

  4. Good luck Annabelle and thanks for the post! I’ll be fretting and dreaming and running vicariously with you this year! (Thanks for the bib # – i’ll be tracking and rooting for you!) You’re a rising star – lean into that nervous energy and keep reminding your self of your fantastic runs! : )

  5. I wouldn’t buy new shoes with this little time left to test them out, unless you’re SURE the ones you have are causing the problem.

    And, who knows how Boston is gonna go. I’m telling myself: Race Day Magic.

  6. I’d go with the Wave Riders if you did your training in those. I like the Brooks Pure line, but they are a bit different (than what I’d been used to) so stick with your familiar!

    So excited to watch you chase down this race and make it yours — AGAIN! 🙂 Get some good sleep too!!

    • Thanks sweet lady! I picked up the fresh wave riders today and am currently breaking them in by lounging on the couch and staring at them lovingly. Hehe. Test run with Fleet Feet tomorrow night!


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