Packing a suitcase is harder than running a marathon.

In 16 hours or so I’ll be in Boston, and I am finally feeling simply excited. Not nervous, not scared or worried, not doubtful, just excited.

I had to make some accommodation changes yesterday, my hotel roommate injured her hip and can’t run. My heart breaks for her, I was devastated when I had to bail on Boston in 2011, and that was still many weeks out, to have to back off in the final week…I can’t even…I know she’ll recover and nail it next year!

Anyway, we worked this all out, but I panicked. The thought of staying alone seemed just unbearable (I know, tiny violin). So I called my sister-in-running Lee Ann, who has, graciously as always, solved all my problems.

It’s not the first time she’s come to my rescue. She’s also saved me from myself at Karaoke:

Karaoke fail

I’ve mostly finished packing but have gone through the same debate as last year: travel very light with only running gear and lounge clothes, or attempt to dress like a free-range human for at least part of the trip. I’ve unpacked and repacked several times, and now have no idea what is in that suitcase.

The little girls helped:


Early this morning Penelope and I went over my race-strategy…well, not really, mostly we just looked at the course pictures and day-dreamed about a perfect run. That’s sufficient at this point I think.

assist coach

I have also spent the required time playing with and photographing my race-day get up.

boston kit

Fits well, doesn’t it?

There are several higher quality things I could use your time (and mine) posting about, but right now I just want to be self-interested and happily and on my way to Bean Town.

I’m not bringing a computer with me, just my phone. I’m sure I’ll post something, but I have no plans for what or when. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram (all are @fluencysfolly) or Facebook.

If you’re racing anywhere this weekend (or in Boston), may the course be with you, and the wind ever at your back!



6 responses to “Packing a suitcase is harder than running a marathon.

  1. Best of luck!! So exciting!

  2. Good luck! It’s always challenging with packing — weight & travel comfort, or “fashionability” (aka looking like a normal person). Decisions! Decisions!!

  3. Time for you to fly! Good luck on Monday!


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