Two Great Run Workouts: and a Gluten Free Pizza Binge.

First, because this post will likely be a bit on the long side: Happy Mother’s Day! Today was tough knowing my mother is far away. But I’ll see her in July, and I am lucky to have her at all! Here we are at my graduation (masters)  in Chicago two years ago. Isn’t she pretty?


As this weekend closes I feel like I mostly just lazed, watched Merlin, drank my weight in Cider (w/ ginger! yuuum!), and ate anything I could find that was A) gluten free, and B) full of sugar and/or fat…Yah, I don’t know. Usually the wheels come off for the two weeks after a marathon, then I tighten it back up as I get back to training. This time the gluttony tour and the training increase are happening at the same time. I fully plan to do join the “Monday Diet” club, so that tonight I can have my third, yes third, GF pizza with in a 7 day period.

unsolicited shout-out to Udi’s pizza crust

I actually just noticed(click image for link) that you can order in bulk directly from their credit card is twitching.

I actually just noticed(click image for link) that you can order in bulk directly from their website….my credit card is twitching

Jorge (who does not require nor follow a gluten-freen diet) and I use these crusts about once a week (clearly, hopefully, this week is an anomaly).

We’re both huge pizza fans. We’re Chicagoans, who isn’t? But neither of use are fans of how pizza makes you feel. We usually make a basic cheese and sausage (turkey) with our Udi’s, and we each eat a whole one, and just feel happy and pizza filled, as opposed to grease and regret filled, after.

Here’s what our pizza’s usually look like. Clearly, this is one serving.



(don’t tell my father I referred to myself as a Chicagoan. He’ll cry. It won’t be pretty.)


One of these men is my dad, I’m not saying which one.

That may indeed be how I spent three-quarters of my weekend, but the other 25% was spent on some really excellent running!

I wanted to get in a decent long run this weekend, but have been thinking a lot over the past week about the intense racing schedule I’m lining up for the rest of this year, and decided I should start doing some recon for hill training.

Recon, because at some point I need to start figuring out how I’ll train for this:

This is what happens when your 6 year old nephew is the final judge in fall race planning.

This is what happens when your 6 year old nephew is the final judge in fall race planning.

Additionally, you may have forgotten, but a while ago I posted about getting into the Mt. Washington Road Race, it’s 7.5 miles, and ALL UPHILL!

Also, it’s in a few weeks.

So, I settled for 13 miles on Saturday morning, Just shy of 10 of those miles were spent going up-and-down “Big Bertha”. This is a hill that is part of the 9.5mi loop at Waterfall Glen in Darien, IL.

Most places you look, people refer to Bertha as a half mile hill that climbs 125 feet. The way I measured “her” on Saturday made her stretch to .95mi and cover closer to 160 feet. Which is nothing compared to what I’ll be climbing both in New Hampshire in a few weeks, and off the coast of California in November, but it’s a great start. It’s also measurable, and repeatable, which means I’m sure to get addicted. Here’s how my effort went (the basic metrics, I have more, but would rather you stay awake):

2mi repeats have officially be de-throned as my favorite run workout!

2mi repeats have officially been de-throned as my favorite run workout!

I had only planned on doing three repeats on Bertha, but was enjoying myself so much that I did 5. I’m confident that I can greatly improve these splits. And can’t wait to try!

The other great workout this weekend was this morning. Two of my Bootleg Runner’s Coalition ladies were running the Susan G. Komen 5k. All week my plan had been to run down and watch them finish, then hang out for a while, and run home, thus piecing together a nice recovery run. But, by Friday I was enticed, and I don’t have a 5k planned for quite a while. So I decided that if I felt decently sound of body on Sunday morning after another round of snack foods and cider for dinner, then I’d run.

This is my favorite pre-race picture! Feel free to email us for fashion tips!

This is my favorite pre-race picture! Feel free to email us for fashion tips! (Erin, Lee Ann, Annabelle = Bootleg Runner Pride!)

Run I did. And shocked myself by being pain-free until mile 2.5, I was even more surprised that I was able to run my second ever sub-20 finish!


I’ve never run the lead of a race with a friend and training partner before (in fact, I’ve still only led a few races, period [the women’s contingent anyway]) and my plan to run conservatively went away without any debate when I realized that Erin was still right in front of me after 2 miles. I know she has another gear, and was prepared to be dropped.

Racing is often about whose body is being cooperative, and whose isn’t. Erin’s been sick, and I was elated to be out front (and had ART therapy yesterday, first time, and I swear I run better already). So I kicked in the last 3/4mi and we finished 1 – 2. It was a blast! I sure hope we get to re-play a scenario like this soon, because having someone to strategize with and play off, but whom you trust, can make for an amazing run!

We danced really poorly, but exuberantly, for about an hour before getting our medals.

We danced really poorly, but exuberantly, for about an hour before getting our medals.

As a final cherry on top of some good running moments this week, the BRC grassroots and fiercely tight-knit running club has a logo. I think I can safely claim that we’re the only team that has artwork created by a talented contemporary artist.

Check this:

Credit: Alan Salabert

Credit: Alan Salabert

(hopefully I’m not offending him with the less-than-perfect quality of this image. It’s a copy of a copy…I’m still a noob at this stuff.)


7 responses to “Two Great Run Workouts: and a Gluten Free Pizza Binge.

  1. Holy smokes. So many things.. where to start. First of all, YOU WON THE WOMEN’S SIDE of a race?! That’s awesome!!! You should totally be shouting that to the world. So happy for ya! (sidenote: I was this close to doing that race… dang!) Great job on Bertha, your mom and you are super cute, and I love the BRC logo! Great work on all accounts 🙂

  2. The post-race dance party was amazing, and should happen at all races from now on…

  3. Hey, I’m game for that. We could practice at Ragnar…?

  4. for sure!

  5. Congrats on the great race! And that’s a sweet logo. And good luck with your hilly races.

  6. Congratulations!!! 🙂

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