Boston Victims Still Need Our Help.

Boylston 6

It’s been a month since the Boston Marathon. And although I still do not plan on doing a race re-cap or writing much about my experience here, I do find myself thinking more and more about what running and racing means to me, and to contemporary society. I was already defensive about running, and the Boston Marathon was already a hugely symbolic, personal, and meaningful event that I care very much about, but now, on top of all of these things, I’ll not take my ability to run, my freedom to train, and the easy access to racing opportunities for granted.

And although I now feel a little more at ease developing and talking  about my personal running goals for the rest of the year, those injured at Boston are barely even getting started on their own, changed, life paths.

The One Fund Boston has collected just over 30 million dollars, which sounds like it might be enough. But it’s not even close. If you really think about the life-time health-care costs (including mental health, PT, adaptive technologies, environmental renovations and so on), for any one person injured on April 15th you can probably imagine that just that individual might need $30-million over the course of their life, specifically if you consider that a great many of those injured are very young.

If you are a runner, know a runner, aspire to run, enjoy sports, or belive in our ability to congregate peacefully and without fear, then please contribute to THE ONE FUND or to one of the individual funds set up to help victims (and their families) of the Boston Marathon bombing.

The Go Fund Me website has a page (Believe in Boston) where you can scroll through all of the different funds set up via their site, many of these are groups or individual fund-raising efforts that will then go to other group funds, or families and so on. I tend to prefer to know exactly where my donation will go and prefer to directly contribute to the individual or family. It’s entirely up to you! Here are just a few options:

If you know of a person or fund that needs help, leave a link the comments below!


2 responses to “Boston Victims Still Need Our Help.

  1. Hello! We’re hosting a 5k in Chicago with the option to run in person or virtually. All race entries will go 100% to the Who Says I Can’t Foundation, which helps amputees rehabilitate into a sport. Jothy, the foundation’s founder, is an amputee and he’s made it his mission to help the amputee victims of the bombing. Please check out our website: Thanks!

  2. I just read the same article and was thinking of writing a post about it (and I will). Nice post!


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