Spartan Race Winner!

This is my first giveaway/contest ever, so indulge me as I milk this, and , OK, I can totally see why bloggers like doing giveaways. This was both very anxiety producing and fun…which is a lot like running.


I received four submissions to compete for a free entry to any Spartan Race in the continental US. I am totally in love with all four, so it was utterly unreasonable for me to select a winner myself. Instead, I used the power of Facebook and my running buddies (thank you Bootleggers!).

In no particular order here are the submissions:

Entry 2

Entry 1

Entry 4

Entry 3

I can totally relate with the first one (Seth), I think the baby is simply awesome (Katie), Grumpy Cat made me snort (literally) with laughter (Jasper), and number 4 might be the most adorable thing I have ever seen, and, she’s totally nailed why I think people want to enter these races (Jennifer).

So: Seth, Katie, Jasper, and Jennifer, THANK YOU, so much, for entering! I don’t know what it will consist of yet but I am going to send you all a token of appreciation for entering!


It was some seriously impassioned war-fare between GRUMPY CAT and THE BABY, but in the end the baby won by ONE VOTE!!!!

Entry 1

Congrats, Katie, for winning the first ever Fluency’s Folly contest! I can’t wait hear all about your Spartan Adventure!


5 responses to “Spartan Race Winner!

  1. Those were awesome entries!!

  2. Totally sweet entries. Congrats to Katie on the win.

  3. Congrats to Katie. Enjoy the race! If only I had made my entry a funny one, I could’ve been in contention 😛

  4. Ha! I love the winner! 🙂 She totally nailed it! 🙂


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