Race Schedule and PR’s

Personal Records: Meb at RnRSA

Marathon: 3:08:30 (October 2016) – Progression–> 3:37.36 (October 2010) 3:24:08 (May 2012) 3:17:27 (April 2013)  3:15:22 (September 2013) 3:13:44 (October 2013) –> 3:12:45 (April 2014)

1/2 Marathon: 1:28:20 (May 2016)Progression –> 1:40:35 (2010) 1:36.04 (March 2012) 1:34:57 (January 2013) 1:30:51 (March 2013) –> 1:29:48 (August 2013)

10 Mile:  1:06:56 (May 2014)Progression –> 1:15:46 (2008), 1:14:03 (2012), 1:09:37 (July 2013) 

10K: 40:36 (March 2012)Progression –> 43:54.35 (2010)

5k:  19:00 (August 2015)  – Progression –> 20:31 ( October, 2011) 20:17 (May 2012) 20:07 (May 2012) 19:51 (July 2012) 19:25 (September 2013) 19:04 (October 2013)

2016 The Good Life Race

Upcoming Races

2016 Calendar Year




Park Ridge Charity Classic 5k: September 24, 2016 Park Ridge, IL

Chicago Marathon : October 9, 2016 – Chicago, IL

Run of the Dead Elimination Run 34+miler: October 30, 2016 – Libertyville, IL

RnR SA 10k : December 3, 2016 – San Antonio, TX

RnR SA Half Marathon : December 4, 2016 – San Antonio, TX

Mardi Gras 10k


15 responses to “Race Schedule and PR’s

  1. This is awesome! Your PR times are soooo good!!

  2. thanks girl!

  3. How did you get the basno badge with your name and time??

  4. Hi Koji,

    They sent an email out vis the BAA on or around the 19th I think…I just tried to find it but couldn’t. I was just able to sign in (used my FB info to do so) at http://www.basno.com just now and my medal is there. I think if you were to do the same it would provide you a link to claim your Boston badge.

  5. Ah, it was the back of the medal. I had gotten the medal but did not bother to see the back of it =)

  6. Coffee mug over a t-shirt!! Never!!! 😉

  7. Congrats on breaking 20 for 5K! I’m sure it felt awesome.

  8. awesome PRs and race experiences here, too! And hey, I think I met one of your friends this past weekend… really effin small world, wow!

    • Haha! The blogging and running community has totally changed my perspective on how big Chicago is 😉 Actually, yes, you ran with Meredith in Barrington, she actually gave me a ride home (I ran my 20-miler) and talked about “this super strong runner named Erin who has a blog too” so of course I immediately looked up your blog! Good stuff! Are you in the Boston Bound group via Fleet Feet?

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  10. Great stuff! Your PRs are excellent!

  11. Awesome PRs. Love seeing the progressions. I need to do something like that! 🙂

    • Thanks, Pete! Yah, I really like seeing how big or small the improvements are over time. I think often people don’t understand the slow arch for improvement. It takes time!


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