As you can see I found plenty of things to tag for future reference. No, YOU'RE a nerd.

“YOU (only faster)” – by Greg McMillan : Read my review here.

Want to run faster? Of course you do. But, it’s going to take more than a generic training plan to help you be your best. In YOU (Only Faster) world-class coach Greg McMillan not only provides his proven training plans but he helps you customize the plan using the same tools he uses with his athletes.

Using his simple six- step system, you’ll now know exactly what you should do in each and every day of training (and even at what pace is optimal for you). It’s just like being side by side with the coach himself. Written for new runners, athletes trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon and even those who are going for the gold, YOU (Only Faster) is a breakthrough in how runners will look at their training. – McMillan Running (.com)


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“80/20 Running” – by Matt Fitzgerald : Read my review here.

Overview- from the Peguin website


This revolutionary training method has been embraced by elite runners—with extraordinary results—and now you can do it, too.

Respected running and fitness expert Matt Fitzgerald explains how the 80/20 running program—in which you do 80 percent of runs at a lower intensity and just 20 percent at a higher intensity—is the best change runners of all abilities can make to improve their performance. With a thorough examination of the science and research behind this training method, 80/20 Running is a hands-on guide for runners of all levels with training programs for 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and marathon distances.

In 80/20 Running, you’ll discover how to transform your workouts to avoid burnout.

  • Runs will become more pleasant and less draining
  • You’ll carry less fatigue from one run to the next
  • Your performance will improve in the few high-intensity runs
  • Your fitness levels will reach new heights

80/20 Running promotes a message that all runners—as well as cyclists, triathletes, and even weight-loss seekers—can embrace: Get better results by making the majority of your workouts easier.




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