About Fluency’s Folly


This blog is written and maintained by me, Annabelle Winters:left on BoylstonI work as  the Behavioral Services Director and Philanthropy Associate (and race director!) for a non-profit agency in Chicago that provides all manner of supports for adults with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities.


I like to run. I’m self-coached, love social media, and when I’m not running or working, I’m usually reading, or searching for the next Whiskey to try.

Meb at RnRSA

I live in Chicago with my fiancé, Jorge, and our two beloved Shi-Tzu’s, Lucinda and Penelope.


I chase Unicorns. I wear my passions and my values on my sleeve. I expect tolerance, compassion, kindness, and the pursuit of excellence from all people.

This guy.

This guy.

Please, as you read, keep in mind that everyone has individual health concerns that should be taken into consideration when beginning an exercise program or making changes to your diet. Although I have considerable experience in the mental health, and  health & fitness arenas, I am not a physician, registered dietician, or licensed counselor.

(updated 5/2017)

9 responses to “About Fluency’s Folly

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  3. Can you tell me a little more about ABA?

  4. I am glad I stumbled across your blog 🙂

  5. super interesting stuff here, Annabelle! Looking forward to reading about your training and such. You’ll kill it at Boston this year; it’s long overdue for you! 🙂 happy running girl!

  6. Just dropping by with a “hello” 🙂 Great to meet you at ABAI and look forward to a future of healthy collaborations!!

  7. Would love to coach you. I have a feeling we can do a group of Chicago runners soon. Email me when you get a chance.


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